Holy moly people! The biggest friggin election of our lifetime is eight weeks away. This is no time for piddling around on peripheral issues. The entire conservative movement must focus on defeating Barack Obama.  We will only do this if we are willing to use whatever tactics are required to get our message out to voting Americans. Rehashing all the issues on which conservatives distrust Obama is not a winning plan.

Its does not matter that Barack Obama is a liar and that his campaign is a house of cheap political hacks using gutter tactics unless we can make voters understand it. We must fight the Obama Campaign with everything we have and hit them where it hurts.

1. Its the Democrats who are threatening Social Security and Medicare with their insane drive to pass Obamacare and now to implement it. Forget about all the reasons we have to hate Obamacare. None of them matter to people who are scared and confused. The me-me is taking hold that somehow Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to savage those programs. Its absurd yes but people who vote are believing this bilge, so we must fight back. Don’t fight back by denying that Romney-Ryan will savage those programs, that is what the Democrats WANT us to do. No you fight back by accusing them of putting SS and Medicare at risk with Obamacare. Turn the charge around. Make THEM explain. Make them explain why bums and criminals should have cheap health insurance at the expense of old sick people of have paid their dues.

2. Ask the question over and over “Are you better off than you were four years ago”.  If they say yes ask for details.  Very few will be able to and in the process some of their synapses may start firing. If they say no, follow that up by pushing the case for a change. Pound it pound it pound it.

3. Hope and change. Ask what change there has been. What has Obama done to help ordinary Americans get a job, buy a house, keep the house they have etc.  Ask the question. The VAST majority of Americans will not be able to give you an answer. Some of them may actually start to think.

4. Attack the Senate which is controlled by Harry Reid and the Democrats.  Point out that the Democrats who run the Senate haven’t passed a budget for years.

5. Use Obama’s own words against him.

We will not win this election by focusing on the same issues we’ve been fighting for the past 3.5 years. Independents, undecideds,  the mushy-middle, whatever you want to call them, think differently than we do, that is why they are not called “conservatives”.  Think about how you potty-train a child. Think about how you teach a child right from wrong. You don’t do it with a carefully constructed esoteric thesis. You use clear easy to understand words to convey simple concepts. Obama = weak, Obama = failure, Obama = A threat to Medicare and Social Security, Obama = Economic Stagnation etc.

We need to use the next 8 weeks to cut Barack Obama off at the knees. Hit him with attacks from every direction.  Expose his flimsy excuses for what they are.

The best defense is an aggressive and unrelenting offense. We must go on the attack and be indefatigable in our efforts until November 6 , 2012 is yesterday.