I understand why the government owned media is busy trying to throw in the towel for Mitt Romney but I am puzzled at why conservative commentators are echoing that position.

According to RealClearPolitics the latest Rasmussen tracking poll has Mitt Romney up two points among “likely voters”. The latest Gallup tracking poll has Obama up by three points among “registered voters”.  It is understood by both sides of the aisle that RV polls almost always over estimate the Democratic share by a point or two, thus the two polls are actually more in sync than would appear at first glance.

In a closely divided nation, an incumbent president who won relatively (the widest margin in 20 years) comfortably four years ago, is neck and neck with his opponent. Why isn’t THAT the story. Why aren’t “deep” articles delving into the worrisome question of Barack Obama’s inability to open up a substantial lead on a candidate many are trying to portray as an incompetent clod?

I don’t recall ever seeing a presidential race where the campaign and amen chorus of the candidate “everybody” agrees is ahead, spends so much time talking about how the race is over instead of actually, you know, campaigning.

And another thing, shouldn’t there be worries expressed that Obama is “peaking too soon”. Hmmmm?  Of course its hard to seriously argue that 47 or 48% is much of a “peak” for an incumbent world beater like The One.

The Romney campaign so far has been uneven but not awful and its not unusual for so-so presidential campaigns to win.  Kennedy 1960, Carter 1976, and Bush 2000, all come to mind. Even Ronald Reagan had turmoil in his winning 1980 race when campaign manager John Sears was dumped during the primary season.

Campaigns have ups and downs but the media focus on every tiny nuance of a Mitt Romney statement that can be twisted into a “gaffe” or “misstep” is absurd and ultimately I think most Americans will see through the smoke.

And why isn’t much being made of Obama’s slide in both the Rasmussen and Gallup polls relative to last week? Hmmm?

Also, isn’t is a positive thing that Obama is peaking too soon and thus lulling his lazy supporters into complacency?