Two of my previous posts have reached their obvious conclusions.

On March 10th, I posted “NYC’s New Suicide Sculptures (metaphor for economic reality).” I said: “Is anyone surprised that lots of people would call 911? Does anyone think that clogging the 911 line is a good idea?”

Today’s New York Post editorializes the obvious:

Art on the edge
Posted: April 15, 2010
Mayor Mike’s notion of what constitutes appropriate public art has always been a tad off-kilter. Now he’s given his blessing to a public nuisance.

The NYPD has been getting 911 calls for weeks now about an apparent jumper poised on a ledge on the 24th floor of the Empire State Building.

And no wonder.

The “jumper” is actually a life-size statue — part of British sculptor Antony Gormley’s “Event Horizon” exhibit of 30 anatomically correct naked male statues scattered around the city.

The point of the entire exercise eludes us, Philistines though we may be, but what we really don’t get are the statues perched on roofs and ledges of prominent Midtown edifices like the Flatiron and the New York Life buildings.

The associated story shows that people have been calling 911 and the police have been responding to many false alarms. Duh. Hey, why not one-up the fake suicide-jumping thing and have low-flying planes over lower Manhattan?

New York. Is. Brain. Dead.

On January 15th, I posted “Austin American-Statesman debuts PolitiFact Texas (The Texas Truth-O-Meter).” I was afraid of the liberal bias that existed in the original Politifact at the St. Petersburg (FL) Times.

I forgot this in my Austin (TX) American-Statesman liberal bias post of earlier today, but Politifact deserves separate consideration.

Politifact can be manipulated about as easily as a Congessional Budget Office score. But it’s worse, because the Statesman parses the statements it chooses to analyze just a line or two, rather than an entire speech.

For example, Lloyd Doggett got TRUE for this:

“With this reform, every insured American gets valuable consumer protections, and every uninsured American can become insured.”
Lloyd Doggett on Sunday, March 21st, 2010 in a speech on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives

Doggett, a Democrat, has been lying about ObamaCare as much as Obama. But the Statesman chooses a statement that reflects ObamaCare benefits without mentioning the costs of those benefits.

John Carter got a PANTS ON FIRE for this:

“The bill also provides full federal funding for abortions…”
John Carter on Sunday, March 21st, 2010 in a press release

The Statesmen is re-assured by Obama’s miraculous Executive Order on abortion:

Obama’s order also revisits past decisions by Congress to bar community health centers from using federal funds to provide abortion services outside of the exceptional circumstances. His order directs federal officials to “ensure that program administrators and recipients of federal funds are aware of and comply with the limitations on abortion services.”

Anyone with brains, of course, knows that the Executive Order is simply a piece of paper. It’s unenforceable. If the legislators wanted to ban abortion funding, it would have been WRITTEN IN THE HEALTHCARE BILL.

From Texas Insider (April 2, 2010)

ObamaCare Funds Abortion Coverage Nationwide
(ROUND ROCK, TX) – The Obama-Pelosi healthcare scheme fully funds abortion coverage nationwide at federal expense and must be repealed, says House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter. “As much as the left is trying to obscure the truth on this issue of federal funding of abortion, it cannot be denied,” says Carter.

“Pro-life Members of Congress nationwide will be attacked on this issue through November in an attempt to deceive the voter about this bill, but the truth will prevail,” said the Congressman.

Carter was attacked this week by the liberal Austin American-Statesman newspaper and the partisan “PolitiFact” organization for confirming that full federal funding of abortion is included in the Obama healthcare bill. The attack was part of a nationwide Democrat propaganda campaign to change public opinion on their controversial bill before the November election.

Carter, a former Texas judge, says the new bill’s radical departure on the abortion issue from the current federal healthcare pool to the new health exchanges under ObamaCare more than determines the case.

“Current law specifically prohibits any plan offered to federal employees from covering elective abortion coverage,” says Carter. “But this new scheme sends massive federal subsidies directly to both private insurance plans under the new health exchanges and government-chartered cooperatives that do pay for elective abortion.”
However, PolitiFact then contends that the National Right to Life statement that “federal funds would subsidize coverage of elective abortions” was false, in spite of the seeming contradictions in their findings.

Again, Poltifact didn’t waffle one bit with a “FALSE” or “BARELY TRUE” or “HALF TRUE.” It said “PANTS ON FIRE” to a true statement.

The New York Times (which I read for free online) gives me a perverse pleasure knowing that I’m reading Democrat talking points. That’s useful.

The Austin American-Statesman (which I subscribe to because I live in Texas) just makes me feel like I’m paying for The Huffington Post.

Politifact = FAIL.