RACHEL MADDOW: So much of the right’s defense of her (Sarah Palin) has been defending her from supposedly sexist attacks on the left.

This Rachel Maddow and this Meghan McCain are really, really smart people. They must be. They’re on tv.

“Supposedly sexist attacks from the left.” Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. Are you deaf, dumb and blind? You don’t remember anything of what’s happened these past two years? You don’t remember the “supposed” C-NT T-shirts that lefties wore? You don’t remember the “supposed” California display of Palin hanging in effigy for, ah yes, Halloween? You don’t remember the “supposed” cheap shot Newsweek cover that used an old Runner’s World photo completely out of context for a political story? Rachel Maddow absolutely knows that “supposedly sexist attacks from the left” is a crock of BS. But she says these things anyway.

MEGHAN McCAIN: You can not say sexist comments about Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell, but me, it’s free game all day every day.

That’s “fair game,” not “free game.”

Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell didn’t get to where they are today because of nepotism. If you (Ms McCain) were anyone else besides Ms McCain, you wouldn’t be on tv. You’re on tv–Rachel Maddow’s show, AGAIN–because you’re John McCain’s daughter and you’re there to bash Christine O’Donnell.

Maddow could have stopped the usual Christine O’Donnell stuff and asked a change-up question. “Do you like O’Donnell’s opponent, Chris Coons? Why do you like him? You’ve said five things that you don’t like about Christine O’Donnell. Can you name five things that you like about Chris Coons? Three things? One thing?” But Maddow doesn’t ask questions like that to a favored guest.

Meghan, here’s a little secret. We don’t give a damn what you look like. It’s that you claim you’re a Republican, and then you go on these shows to bash all Republicans. What do you think we’ll call you? Probably not “Republican.”

And then, of course, you tell every interviewer on these shows that you’re the victim.

MEGHAN McCAIN: I have the balls to come on television…because I do not lie (about Christine O’Donnell).

You don’t have any balls, Meghan. You’re trashing Republicans and selling a crappy book.You lie when you say you’re a Republican in anything.

Maddow pointed out that O’Donnell was prepped for a debate by the same people who prepped Sarah Palin. “I did not know that,” the genius Meghan McCain said. Look, I know that and I sit around the house all day watching Nickelodeon and playing with one- and two-year-olds.

The interview continued with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, a seemingly daily feature on the show.

Rachel Maddow opened the show with her thoughts on the election–all wrong, of course. Maddow has been saying for a while now that Democrats should run on their record and be proud of it. Why aren’t they doing that? Why are Democrats playing defense when they should be playing offense?

Uh, Rachel, have you looked at the unemployment and the federal deficit numbers for this year? Get a clue, girl.

Maddow discussed conventional wisdom of why the Republicans are seemingly ahead, but then gave a brief anecdote to discount each one:


Maddow found exceptions, so it can’t be any one of those. So why are so many people seemingly prepared to vote Republican?

Maybe because it’s a little bit of all of the above, Rachel?

Maybe, Rachel, because people look at the two parties, and they know that the Democrats who made this mess aren’t the ones to get us out?

Rachel, dear sweet smart Rachel Maddow, just can’t figure it out.

MSNBC is so crappy, it’s good!