“MSNBC” is no more. It is now “NBCNews.com.”

From the New York Times:

Microsoft and NBC Complete Web Divorce
Published: July 15, 2012
The site became NBCNews.com, signifying the end of a relationship between NBC and Microsoft that dates back to the earliest days of the commercial Web. Early next year, MSNBC.com will be reborn as a stand-alone site for the cable channel MSNBC, ending the brand confusion that has plagued the site in the past.

Say a sad goodbye to (in rough order of origination):

Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap

It’s now “Nothing But Crap,” the once and future nickname of NBC News.

MSNBC or NBCNews is such straight-from-Obama’s White House talking points all the time that it’s actually must viewing for opposition research. The current MSNBC scandal is that Mitt Romney lied–LIED! HE’S A LIAR!–about when he left Bain Capital. Meanwhile, the administration lies about everything (especially Obamacare) constantly. These are much bigger “lies” that actually mean something, but not to MSNBC.

Who can forget when NBC doctored audio to make George Zimmerman sound like a racist? Or the non-coverage of Fast & Furious? Or when Rachel Maddow told everyone that Fast & Furious was just a Fox News story with no real meaning, never mentioning Obama’s executive privilege, an attorney general lying under oath, or even the names of the dead bodies in the scandal.

The name shouldn’t be MSNBC or NBC News. It should be J-O-K-E.

Propagandize away, Nothing But Crap!