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Benjamin Hodge
Kansas GOP Delegate, 2009-’10
Kansas Representative, 2007-’08
JCCC Trustee, 2005-’09
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Phone:  (913) 259-4236

Saturday, March 5, 2011

“They listened to JCCC President Terry Calaway tell
them of impending staff layoffs, then voted to spend
money that might have saved a few of those jobs.”

— Johnson County Sun editorial

Incredible: Even the liberal Johnson County Sun’s editors
agree — JCCC wasted tax dollars by spending $125,000
on “image consultants” after losing a federal court case
over illegal expulsion of four nursing students

Also: Read the editorial The Campus Ledger, the JCCC student newspaper

Wow.  The liberal, always-cheerleading-for-big-government Johnson County Sun just acknowledged that Johnson County Community College wasted a ton of your tax money on “re-branding.”  JCCC did this directly after spending another ton of your money trying unsuccessfully to justify their decision to illegally expel students, and going to federal court and losing on every single argument.

The editors at JCCC’s student newspaper, The Campus Ledger, come to a similar conclusion.

I’ve included the text of both editorials below.  I’ve also included images — you can click on them to enlarge and print out, if you’d like.

Lastly, please share this with your friends and family, reminding them that in one of the toughest economies ever faced by United States citizens, our local governments in Johnson County are indeed wasting our tax dollars.

I need your vote and your friends’ votes on Tuesday, April 5.  I pledge to reform the spending habits and open up the budgets at Johnson County Community College.

1.  Click here to read the editorial by The Johnson County Sun on March 1, 2011 — “Trustees make bad decision”

2.  Click here to read the JCCC Campus Ledger’s editorial on February 17, 2011 — “College should mind expenses from brand redesign project”


Connect with Benjamin Hodge at FacebookTwitterLinkedInThe Kansas Progress, and LibertyLinked. Hodge is President of the State and Local Reform Group of Kansas.  He served as one of seven at-large trustees at Johnson County Community College from 2005-’09, a member of the Kansas House from 2007-’08, a delegate to the Kansas Republican Party from 2009-’10, and was founder of the Overland Park Republican Party in 2011.  His public policy record is recognized by Americans for Prosperity, the Kansas Association of Broadcasters,the Kansas Press Association, the Kansas Sunshine Coalition for Open Government, the NRAKansans for Life, and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).