The Chandler Raid was a disaster. Maybe not quite a Waco-like disaster. But a disaster.

And just as we wouldn’t want to recycle Janet Reno, Clinton’s attorney general, for another important security/law enforcement position, we don’t want to recycle Janet Napolitano for such a position either. Napolitano is currently governor of Arizona. But she was a Clinton U.S. attorney during the infamous Chandler Raid.

In the Chandler Raid, 400 illegal immigrants were detained and many of them deported. But dozens of U.S. born Hispanic-Americans were rounded up as well. They were not treated with the respect that should be afforded American citizens. It was a major violation of civil rights.

Napolitano’s record on illegal immigration has been spotty as a border-state governor. At times, she can seem irrationally tough. Other times irrationally soft. She sent the National Guard to the border in an impressive display of force. But she supported driver’s licenses for illegals.

Napolitano is a political appointment, apparently a gift to McCain for his graciousness. This way, she won’t run against McCain in 2010. But as we’ve said of Panetta, now’s not the time for political appointments.

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