I can not understand how a Catholic can possibly ever vote for a democrat, especially one as liberal as Obama. What part of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness does he champion?

When I ask those Catholics’ why they lean left they have one of two answers

1) Social Justice we need to help our fellow man. With this I agree, but I believe that we will be judged based on what we are willing to do for our fellow man…not by what we legislate and force upon others. You do not get a reward for forcing others to be “giving”

2) Republicans support Capital Punishment – Life is Sacred – I say BS. Do they really care more about the lives of the 42 convicted felons that were executed in 2007 than the estimated 0ver 1,000,000 innocent babies that were aborted in the same year?

The Pro-Life position is not a negotiable position in the Catholic Faith yet so many who claim to be Catholic are willing to turn a blind eye.

I recently saw a video at I challenge any Catholic, indeed any person to watch this video and still say they can accept Abortion. It is difficult to watch but whether you are pro-life, pro-abortion or somewhere in between it will change your view and probably your life. I will warn you in advance that if you have the courage to watch, you will be forced to reconsider what you believe and what you are called to do regarding this issue.