Water Cooler 12/31/2018 – Open Thread – Some Quick Hits
Here are a few quickies that caught my eye in the past few days.

Liberals love Che and Fidel
It never ceases to amaze me that more people in the middle who are not completely brain-dead fail to see the irony of liberal policies. The same people who want to go full bore BDS on Israel because it supposedly treats Palestinians so poorly and who want endless rights for LGBT… people also believe we should have normalized relations with Cuba, a country they say we’ve treated poorly for decades. Ah, Cuba, that great haven for LGBT… folks. I don’t get it.

SF housing situation summed up
This is nearly 15 minutes log, but listen to the first 30 seconds and see if you think it will be worth your time. It’s mind-boggling to see what this guy has gone through to try to build a small apartment building. The system is rigged so that it’s practically impossible to build anything. Radical groups only have to spend pocket change to block any project, and city supervisors will invent reasons to block projects.

In case you’re wondering, here’s what rents are like in the Mission District. Yikes! How about a larger studio (480sf) for $3,500/month? You can get it closer to $2000/month for a studio that is the size of a typical hotel room.

Speaking of BDS and the SF Mission District….
A lefty opened a cafe and bookstore there so people could gather and whine about conservatives. One slight problem: He’s a non-BDS Jew and therefore not welcome. A mob visits his place weekly trying to force him out.

More on the cop-killer illegal alien in CA
To add to the irony of the left protecting people like his cold-blooded murderer, the cop he murdered – leaving behind a wife and a five-month-old child – was a legal immigrant. Liberals should be more interested in protecting him than they are in protecting his killer.

Well since it’s not a BABY…
Using illegal drugs during pregnancy does not constitute child abuse according the PA Supreme Court. The logic will not surprise you. The case was on behalf of a baby who spent 19 days in the hospital getting weaned off drugs. The junkie mom’s lawyer says the decision is “a victory for public health and the rights of women and children.” There’s a special place in hell….

Welcome to RedState’s only daily open thread! Enjoy! And have a safe and happy new year!