I carry, as a good luck charm and means to keep my perspective grounded, a small stone I picked up on Omaha Beach 2 years ago. Given the ‘bribe, vote, then read’ legislative process of the Obama, Reed, Pelosi troika, I sometimes wonder if the men who gave their all on D-Day would have done so had they known what the country would be like today. And our forefathers, who deliberated so long and arduously to give this country a framework for freedom and success – I often wonder what their thoughts would be at today’s elected “leadership.”

Well, one can only speculate about that, but over the last year, I have felt a growing sense of frustration at where we are being led as a country, and at myself for not doing something to help. I attended the Tea Party on Boston Common last April and was encouraged, but at the same time, got a glimpse of a huge part of the problem…a CNN reporter saying there were 200 people at the rally, when at that point, there were easily a thousand (on the bright side, the crowd just off camera, was chanting ‘tell the truth, tell the truth.”)

Then Scott Brown won. I went to one of the stops on his ‘Thank you tour” and the energy in the room was just plain inspirational. But I still was a spectator in the fight. At that point, I went to the Mass GOP website and volunteered to help. Later I signed up to attend a GOP workshop for candidates and activists.

At the same time, I contacted Coldwarrior for advice, and in a nutshell, he said find a way to help, precinct chairman, or anything else, but get involved. At the workshop, I had a chance to meet and talk face to face with some dedicated young people, who are trying very hard to put the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts on a better path. Long story short, a couple of weeks later, I had a short interview at GOP headquarters in Boston, and start Monday as a volunteer. It is nice to report I walked into an office filled with genuinely nice young people, all very respectful, and all working very hard.

I want to thank Erick, Neal, Coldwarrior, Achance and so many others on Red State who have helped bring me to this point. Their deep knowledge of so many political issues, and dedication to moving this country back to greatness, have been crucial to opening my eyes.

Bottom line, I promise everyone who has had a part in motivating me to get involved, that I’ll do the best to be helpful


and…the Tea Party today was awesome!