I was listening to POTUS 08 on XM radio, supposed to be neutral coverage. All the reporters were talking about how the economic crisis is hurting Republicans at the polls. Now while that may be true no one talked about that it might be the Democrats and what happened with fannie and freddie.

I am so tired of everything being the Republicans fault while gettng no credit for anything. Keeping the nation safe, as Hillary said “we” are all responsible for that.

My suggestion is that no matter the short term cost to Republicans that they take on the not just the Dems but THEY HAVE TO TAKE ON THE MEDIA. Meaning they have to dispute the premise of every question.

The media is great at having a Democrat and Republican with the following line of questioning

to the Dem “Why is the current economic crisis the Republicans fault?”to the Republican “Why is it your fault?”

Take on the medis meaning FIGHT THEM, CALL THEM IDIOTS IF YOU HAVE TO.

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