I am amused today by news reports about the mandate provision of Obamacare. I think most of us understand the word mandate to mean requirement or directive. If there is an insurance “mandate” in Obamacare, then surely, we must purchase insurance under the new law. In a recent town hall type meeting, Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz protested that the Government will not require Americans to buy health insurance . In addition the IRS Commissioner, Doug Shulman said similarly that they would simply review your tax return to see it the box is checked indicating coverage . “Requirement? No, we’re not going to cuff you and throw you in jail.” Maybe they will discuss it with you over a beer. You know, just sort of convince you how important it is that you see it their way.

Well, I’ve dealt with IRS in the past, and I don’t recall the experience being warm and fuzzy, and I definitely didn’t get the impression that my compliance was optional. Many years ago, I had a small business, an experience that should be required of all politicians as a prerequisite for holding office, but I digress. One Tuesday morning, an IRS agent walked into my store and approached the counter. She showed me her badge, told me IRS had determined that I owed $8000 in back taxes, and said that I had to come up with the money by Thursday. She then proceeded to question me about the value of the equipment and fixtures in my store.

She further made it clear, that if the money was not forthcoming, she was prepared to seize and sell what we had to recover the amount owed. Needless to say, she got my attention big time. To my marginal business, $8000 may as well have been 8 million.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, and this was definitely a strength building experience. A carefully crafted letter bought us some time, and our generous banker gave us a second mortgage on our home so we could pay what IRS was demanding. At no time did I get the feeling that they were going to negotiate.

I guess that is why Democrats in Congress will do almost anything to avoid admitting that IRS will be the enforcement agency for Obamacare mandates. If you haven’t seen Bill O’Reilly’s interview of New York Congressman Anthony Weiner on this subject, it is well worth your time. A political pundit noted that Government controlled health care would combine the efficiency of the Post Office with the compassion of IRS. I’ve got to tell you, based on my experience, I would hate to have to negotiate my health care coverage with that agent who walked into my store, and you better hope that it never comes to that.

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