The U.S. House of Representatives seems to be into symbolic gestures of late.  Recently they once again passed a bill to repeal Obamacare.  OK, OK I get it.  I know what they are doing.  It seems to me however, that they could engage in some symbolic gestures that might actually gain political ground.

The Supreme Court by way of Chief Justice Roberts, has declared that ObamaCare at its core is a tax.  Not a tax on income, not a tax on goods or services, not a tax on property but rather a tax on doing nothing.  The Court has said that the funding mechanism in ObamaCare is a TAX for simply failing to participate.

OK, fair enough.  Now Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans need to start bringing bills to the floor and I would like to suggest a few.

1.  A bill to tax those who don’t eat healthy food on a regular basis.

2.  A bill to tax those who don’t spend a certain percentage of their income stimulating the economy.

3.  A bill to tax those who don’t send their kids to college.

4.  A bill to tax those who don’t care to drive an energy efficient vehicle.

Now none of this would ever fly.  It is symbolic to the extreme.  But it would force Democrats to try explaining the difference between these taxes for non-compliance and the tax Juggernaut called ObamaCare.  How could they support and vote for one and not the other?

It might also illuminate the light bulb for so many Americans who haven’t quite yet realized what an attack on freedom Obama’s healthcare disaster really is.  You might even see the mainstream media squirm a bit trying to spin this one.  That would be worthwhile viewing.

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