This election has been called many things.

Grover Norquist has called it the “401(k) Election.”

Some groups are calling it the “Take Back the Flag Election.”

However the Alliance for Worker Freedom is calling it the “Worker Freedom Election.”

Yesterday, AWF released a 15-variable matrix that compares John McCain and Barack Obama on issues concerning labor, trade, unions and, well, for lack of a better word, worker freedom.

Regardless of where you stand, it seems more and more as if being for “worker freedom” runs counter to the left-wing union agenda.

What type of tricks are being used to convince (or coerce) American rank-and-file workers that taking away their right to a private, secret ballot when voting on membership is a good thing. Not to mention the forced union dues paying as a condition of employment, which, by the way, [91 percent of] ( toward Democrats (so, if you’re a Republican union member…sorry).

Click here for the one page handout version of the matrix, perfect for conferences or birthday gifts.

Or…for those untrusting souls out there…click here for the very detailed version with full citations, vote record references, etc. PDF or EXCEL