For the past eighteen months, I have been arguing that we are fighting a second war in Afghanistan to vindicate Barack Obama’s campaign rhetoric.  In case my fellow conservatives have short memories, let me refresh them.

We won the first war in Afghanistan.  We deposed the Taliban and established a democratically elected government.  Then, we left the peace keeping to NATO.  But, Barack Obama and the democrats needed a campaign issue, so they began arguing that we took our eye off the ball in Afghanistan when we went into Iraq.  The rhetoric was complete bs, but apparently even some conservatives now believe it.

The Taliban did not attack the U.S., and Al-Queada is not in that country.  Our troops should come home immediately because they are fighting an unwinnable war as defined by Obama, and are dying to vindicate his campaign rhetoric.

Unfortunately, Obama and the GOP leadership are in a pissing contest to see who can pretend to be stronger on national defense.  It’s a contest where the losers have no say in the outcome.

General McChrystal and his staff probably figured this out, Europe certainly has.  We are virtually going it alone over there.  None of our allies, save the British, heeded Obama’s call to send more troops for his “surge”.  One european government was actually toppled because of its support for Obama’s war. Several are bringing their troops home in the very near future.

Conservatives need to get in the game.  If we started demanding that our troops come home, like Michael Steele did today, we could help save their lives.  And, if the Taliban returned to power, and again posed a threat, we could simply return and kick their behinds all over again.  It would cost far less money, and take far less time.