Charles Grassley, the ranking republican on the Senate Finance Committee, called for hearings on the appointment of Dr. Berwick to head the federal medicare system two weeks ago.  Democratic Senator Max Baucus who heads the committee refused Grassley’s request.  (As usual Barack Obama and Robert Gibbs lied to the American public by claiming that the GOP blocked the confirmation process).

Now, Baucus is condemning the recess appointment of Berwick, while the GOP is upset that Berwick avoided embarassing confirmation hearings.  We have a solution for both.  Baucus should call Berwick before his committee to answer post appointment questions.

There is no reason why Baucus couldn’t require Berwick to come before his committee to answer questions.  Congress has routinely asserted it’s oversight role on virtually every topic under the sun.  We hope that GOP leadership will take up the fight, and demand post confirmation oversight hearings before this heath rationing, wealth redistributing socialist implements his death panels.

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