MILWAUKEE, WI – Obama volunteers from across the country, including dozens – if not hundreds – from Illinois, have begun descending on Wisconsin for the final get out the vote effort. About a week ago the Obama campaign announced that local supporters seeking to get a ticket to the McCormack Place, Chicago election night rally had to spend between 4 and 6 hours working on the ground in Wisconsin. The scheduled GOTV shifts started on Saturday and run through Monday.

At the Obama for America field office in northern Milwaukee, two large coach buses from Illinois bringing 30 to 40 volunteers each were spotted on Sunday afternoon. The parking lot at the storefront mall was overflowing with dozens of cars sporting Obama stickers and volunteers moved in a steady stream to and from the office and vehicles. Heavily mixed among the Wisconsin license plates were cars from New York, Nebraska, Minnesota, and of course, Illinois.


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Waiting to be used on election day to move voters to the polls were 34 rented vans, roughly split between late model minivans and 15-passager white Ford vans. Parked in four rows, the vans served as a stark visual showing how seriously the Obama campaign is taking its Wisconsin election day ground game.

However Wisconsin goes on Tuesday night, it won’t go easily for one candidate or the other. Both sides are going to have to work hard if they are going to try and outwork each other.