I’ve been a broken record on this one: there was very little attention paid to socon issues, especially religious ones, during the 2008 election season. And Pew backs me up (well, not personally, but you get the idea) in this great article. They say it best here:

The “culture war” issues that have been prominent in past elections, such as abortion and gay marriage, received minimal attention in 2008. The coverage they did receive tended to come in the form of reaction to statements by the candidates and quickly receded without generating any sustained narrative. When Palin was introduced to the nation as McCain’s running mate, her parenting choices raised the issue of abortion, but only momentarily. In one of the more episodic narratives – evangelical megachurch pastor Rick Warren’s presidential forum held at his church – the candidates’ answers on a question about abortion gained attention in the press the week of the event.

Attention Kathleen Parker: are you listening?

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