A bit earlier today, Moe described how Barack Obama is pretending that Alexi Giannoulias, the Democrat Senatorial candidate from IL, does not exist.  But on the Missouri side of the river, the presumptive Democrat candidate for Kit Bond’s Senate seat, MO Sec’y of State Robin Carnahan may be wishing for a similar treatment.

Just last month, the POTUS appeared in the St. Louis area to promote the Democrat healthcare rationing plan.  And during his visit, he appeared at a fundraiser – for the 2012 re-election effort of Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill.  Huh?  Let me repeat – McCaskill isn’t up for re-election until 2012.  But wait – apparently, “excess funds” from the fundraiser went to the DSCC, which means the money could potentially flow to Carnahan anyway.

That event will, indirectly, benefit Carnahan — excess funds will be contributed to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which helps the party’s Senate candidates.

“Excess funds”?  Just exactly what does that mean?  Maybe Claire only needed $10 to feed the meter, and the rest goes to the DSCC/Robin Carnahan.  How convenient.

Supposedly, Ms. Carnahan’s failure last month to meet with Obama was because she had already scheduled an appearance in Washington, DC.  Now don’t you think that a Democrat who’s running for U.S. Senate might just want to show her face with the President?  Apparently not, especially when said Democrat appears to be trying to avoid admitting to her support of Obama’s policy positions.

The White House did attempt to convince us that Ms. Carnahan wasn’t trying to ditch the Prez.

“Her people have asked if President Obama would please appear with her in a future event soon,” the aide told the reporters on Air Force One. “We are working on that now.”


We’ll see where Robin goes on this very soon.  Obama will be visiting Missouri (and Illinois) this coming week to talk about “green jobs”.  Will she appear with Obama?  So far there’s no word from the Carnahan campaign.

Based on past history, the Rochester treatment is probably just what Robin Carnahan would like to see.  It would save her the effort of coming up with another excuse.