I was clicking through old “In Living Color” videos on YouTube last week and found one of my favorite skits involving a character named ” Calhoun Tubbs  ” played by David Allen Grier. The character was a blues guitar player that seemed to have written a song about nearly every subject he could discuss. His humorous preamble to each rendition was spoken quickly: “I wrote a song about it, wanta hear it? Here it goes!”. He would launch into a quick 4 or 5 sentence diddy that sounded just like all the rest, with the words changed to cover the subject. It’s funny stuff. Later I was reading more about the teenager Phoebe Prince who had committed suicide after being bullied mercilessly by schoolmates. Let’s face it, kids can be pretty mean. After moving to Massachusetts from Ireland, she was different and a target. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she hung herself. It is a horrible story. I then saw a survey that asked the question: “Should laws be enacted to prohibit bullying?”. Give me a break. No, Give US a break. Like ” Calhoun Tubbs  “, government has their own tired rendition of “I wrote a law about it, wanta hear it? Here it goes!. Ready, Fire, Aim. Responsibility is absolved. More worthless poppycock.

It seems everytime something bad happens, some idiot starts proposing legislation to stop it from happening again. As if society doesn’t have the capacity to handle this without more one more law to go with the zillion stupid statutes already on the books. Apparently the fault in the system is that there were no laws to protect Phoebe. Wrong. There are plenty of them. If she had been black, there are hate crimes laws and anti-discrimination laws. If she were muslim there are laws to protect her religion. If she were gay, she had protection there too. But she wasn’t one of those. She was a white, catholic girl from a middle class family that went to school with a bunch of nasty-acting other kids who had not had their stuck-up little butts whipped in a long time. Probably never. Dr. Spock told us that there were better ways to discipline kids and the current crop of snot-noses are evidence of his fraud. I got a licking every day for what I was GOING to do. I am not the slightest bit warped, neither do I suffer from limited self esteem. I am thankful for every spanking I ever got. It taught me to respect those to whom respect is due. It also taught me to respect others around me. I have a question: where were the school officials and the girl’s parents when her own personal morose was reaching such a low level that she would take her own life? This girl was helpless! More laws wont solve the problem. School officials doing their jobs and effective parenting would have.

What will solve the problem? Re-education will. America needs a check-up from the neck up. I applaud the school system that has recently reinstated corporal punishment. I saw today one person interviewed who said that paddling kids will only make the kid respond with violence to the paddler! Are you kidding me? THAT is the problem. This parent said: if you paddle my kid, he will hit you back! I suspect the concept of respect was never taught in this household. In ours, we said “yes sir” and “no ma’am”. If we got a spanking, we were expected to take our licking and we did. Did we hit back? Not on your life. Or maybe, not on my life. My dad would have KILLED me if I would have taken a swing at him! Guess what? If I took a swing at a principal for disciplining me, I would have gotten hammered by dad!  A paddling at school guaranteed one at home too. No questions asked.

Americans need to teach kids respect for adults, each other, their possessions and themselves. Largely, children have none of these things today. Are kids meaner than before? Probably. Why? Because they face no retribution for their actions. Parents: your little Johnny and Sally are not perfect little angels. They are probably little brats sometime like you and I were and deserve to have their bottoms warmed up with a good paddling!

Schools are big culprits when it comes to the lack of discipline of children. Mamby-pamby teachers have been telling kids for quite some time to report to the school anytime mom or dad gives them a spanking. Schools have been Spock-esque agents of the state, and many a child has been taken from a parent resulting from the proper use of corporal punishment at home. This is not to say that government shouldn’t intervene to stop true abuse, but it seems that agencies tasked with this kind of duty often persecute the innocent and miss the guilty altogether.

Benjamin Franklin said that only a virtuous people are capable of self government. We need to get our act together when it comes to virtue and character issues. If we do, our children will follow, as will our government. If we don’t, we deserve whatever master that comes along who is strong enough to enslave us. Our lack of commitment to core personal values makes us weak.  Who is to blame for this young girl’s suicide? Look in the mirror. Yeah, it’s all of us. You too.