I read some years ago a rather humorous news story regarding a town in Maine. The liberal townfolk there had crafted a remarkably generous welfare program to assist less fortunate souls in need. They were proud. Over time, some Somalis had learned about this town and moved there quickly. The welfare programs paid big benefits right away to immigrants. Essentially these poor people had to just relocate from Somalia to this Maine township and voila! , they were immediately on the government teat. The mayor and city council knew they had a big problem and needed to act fast because the wave of Somali immigrants threatened to bankrupt the town’s treasury. They came up with a novel solution: They placed an ad in the newspaper asking Somalis to quit moving there and taking their money. I sense maybe you are sitting there with your mouth agape in disbelief. Surely I jest! Surely, I don’t. I wish I was kidding. I will admit freely that I don’t know how things turned out over time. Neither did I really care as I thought  the mental midgets in that Maine town deserved to go broke.  I am certain that the plaintive advertisement was unsuccessful in stemming the tide of new residents anxious for a handout.

As usual, stories like this set to me thinking. Democrats are anxious for an immigration bill. In fact many of them are citing Arizona’s new tough immigration law as evidence why they need to enact this legislation so that states don’t violate the civil rights of illegal aliens by profiling. Barbara Walters said on The View today: “We need a federal law so we won’t have a whole bunch of ridiculous state laws”. Ms. Walters is a statist. In another stealth move, democrats will claim that they cannot secure our borders without an immigration law. I might agree if the law said this: If you come here illegally, we are going to throw you out. If you come back again, we will put you in prison. It should also say: Illegal immigrants will not be given the civil rights enjoyed by real Americans until they immigrate in the proper manner (focus on “Illegal”). Immigrants are subject to visual profiling by law enforcement. Immigrants will not be given Miranda rights. I like this kind of language in an immigration enforcement law. It’s only fair really. If an American sneaks into Mexico, the cops there will shoot at you. They will put you in a Mexican prison. It’s an ugly thing. If an American cop shoots at a fleeing Mexican DRUG DEALER we prosecute the cop. We have it backwards.

Unfortunately the law that Ms. Walters referred to doesn’t cover any of these things. The democratic vision of necessary immigration law is one of amnesty given to illegals already in the country, and making it easy for more of the same to come squat. Can you imagine the flood of illegals trying to get over here if amnesty became a reality? Why do dems want this? They need another crop of poorly advised voters to prop up their support base. Allowing a biblical flood of illegal immigrants instant access to social services, healthcare, and in the very near future Social Security will certainly tilt things in the favor of democrats when election time rolls around. Can you imagine advertisements around the world: “Free money in America!” 

But what will Democrats do if this really occurs? Eventually the system will be bankrupted by this kind of stupidity and even left-wing Kool Aid drinkers will realize that they let the wrong genie out of the bottle. What will they do then? I suspect advertisments in the newspaper requesting that immigrants stop taking their/our money will be fruitless then too. Once a huge number of immigrants realize they can simply vote themselves other people’s money the United States is done for.