Why, oh why, haven’t they been more forceful? It just boggles my mind and rips at my gut all day every day. And, it is what will drive me to full blown Obama Derangement Syndrome should the unthinkable happen in 14 days.

Mark Salter has given a candid and forceful interview to Jeff Goldberg of The Atlantic. He touchs on all the points we so desperately needed to have articulated for six months now. This is my favorite exchange though-

>She took a lot of body blows, a lot of crap. Your blogging colleague over there seems to have lost his f#ck#ng mind, you know. Prior to Sarah Palin, he was accusing me of being a plagiarist, the whole Solzhenitsyn thing, the cross in the sand, and then it turned out that Sozhenitsyn didn’t write such a story. I mean, Jesus Christ, it’s just remarkable. This whole story about how the baby isn’t hers? Jesus Christ. Just crazy shit.

I’ll leave it to your imagination to guess who he is talking about. Go read the whole thing. And then weep about what might have been. Then pray like hell we can still somehow, someway, make it happen in the final stretch.