In addition to illegal immigrants in the U.S. obtaining driver’s licenses, taxpayer-subsidized college educations and backdoor amnesty, there is now a nationwide push for the right of illegal immigrants to practice law.

The DREAM Bar Association has been lobbying every state in the union to grant law licenses to illegal aliens. This nonprofit organization got its name from the controversial DREAM Act, which would provide a path to U.S. citizenship for illegal immigrants who arrived in the country as children. It also compels states to give discounted tuition to illegal immigrants enrolled in public colleges and universities.

But, as Judicial Watch aptly notes, the right to practice law in this country has always been a privilege. Is it reasonable to extend to people, who have already violated the law by being in this country,  the right to practice law?

Even so, the DREAM Bar Association does not, apparently, want to be distracted by such pesky matters as the law.  The organization’s mission to produce a deployment of illegal alien attorneys has gained momentum. The DREAM Bar Association is continuing its campaign, in all 50 states, to have legislation passed and rules promulgated in order to ensure the creation of these “undocumented lawyers.”