It is beyond dispute that Obama’s African father abandoned Obama and flew back to pursue his socialist, pro-Soviet Union dreams for Kenya– and for all of Africa. Obama has spent his life, in part, seeking surrogate father figures. So far he has found at least four. Let’s have a quick look at them:

1) Frank Marshall Davis, Communist, black racist, Stalinist. Obama’s first “Red Star Dad.”

2) Reverend Wright, black racist, Farrakhan admirer, friend and fan of terrorist Arab dictators and terrorist nations.

3) Bill Ayers, American domestic terror bomber, American flag trampler, unrepentant supporter of violent overthrow of American government, and Obama’s second “Red Star Dad.”

4) Lolo Soreteo, Indonesian Muslim, taught Barry that “strong men” rule, that cutthroat power trumps all. “Dreams from My Father” by Barack Obama, pages 40-41.

A few more details from (President?) Obama’s formative political and emotional “family album:”

1) David Marshall Davis — Bitter, sexually perverted, stereotypical, boringly predictable “angry black man,” with his anger directed primarily at the USA and white people in general, a strong supporter of the Soviet Union, a Stalinist “poet” and propagandist from Chicago. Like so much else about Obama, Davis and his relationship with young “Barry” rockets past the merely “surreal” into the utterly unknown, where we stare into “the bright eyes of danger.” We are definitely not be “in Kansas anymore!”

Although it sounds like the story line from a 1950’s Communist spy movie, the evidence is clear that Comrade Davis really was dispatched to Hawaii on orders from Moscow to infiltrate the local NAACP, and undermine political support for the U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor. Facts stranger than fiction, and utterly unknown to 99.9% of Americans, two weeks before election day.

The formative man/boy, Obama/Comrade Davis relationship grew out of well meaning white liberalism, as Obama’s white grandfather, in the politically correct “black power” 1970’s, dutifully sought a black surrogate father role model for young Barack. “Gramps” naively sought out this locally famous black man, a stealth “Red Star dad” as it turned out. Obama’s grandfather and his surrogate black father became drinking buddies, often at Davis’s apartment. Young Obama hung around and learned all he could as the two men drank and talked politics.

Although in “Dreams” Obama frequently ridicules his white grandfather, and expresses contempt for his white Grandmother, he speaks of Davis with considerable respect. In contrast, Obama smoothly covers up Davis with a fake name, making it difficult for a trusting reader to discover the truth– that Obama’s surrogate dad was a Stalinist spy, hero to American Communists across the land, a black racial “role model” who despised America so much that he served as an agent for the Soviet Union.

As “Barry” was simultaneously completing his seven years at the posh Punahou Academy, and at least seven years of communist mentorship, Davis warned the teenaged Obama against getting tricked by the white folks when he went away to college. This trusted family friend and personal counsellor on matters racial and political warned Obama “they’ll teach you about equality and the American way and all that shit….” Obama, Davis warned, if not “careful,” would end up “a well paid nigger, but you’re a nigger just the same.” (“Dreams,” page 97).

Length of Davis’s tenure as Surrogate Dad for young Obama– more than seven years, beginning when Obama was ten years old, and continuing intimately at least right up until Obama was 18, and likely well beyond then.

2) Lolo Soreteo – Indonesian Muslim who took Obama to Mosque, apparently naturalized him as an Indonesian citizen, enrolled him as a Muslim in school, and taught Obama that the main thing is to be the “strong man,” because the “strong man…. makes the weak man work in his fields… [and] if the weak man’s woman is pretty, the strong man will take her.” From Lolo, the future candidate for President learned about Islam, precisely how chickens heads are cut off, and, most importantly, that, in the end, power is all that counts. Obama will have plenty of that, if elected, and he will use it. His wife warns us Barack will not “allow” us to live our lives as before, and with the growing confidence born of his stardom, Obama likes to begin his more authoritative intonations with the “strong man’s” imperative “Understand this!” Yes sir!

Length of Soreteo tenure as Surrogate (and, in Indonesia, apparently adoptive) Dad for young Obama– six years, ages (approx) 3-10.

3) Reverend “Goddamn America!” Wright, a black racist whose church for followers to obey “black leadership,” and who raked in a personal fortune whipping his followers into frenzies of hatred and bitterness. The displays of racial hatred and damning of America at Wright’s rallies (“church services”) that appear on the now infamous videotapes are astonishing, and disturbing. They appear to exceed even the bizarre hate festivals of Reverend Wright’s close friend, the black racist Black Muslim “Minister” Louis Farrakhan. Minister Farrakhan, perhaps even richer than Wright, lives in Hyde Park too, and thus is another “guy in the neighborhood,” along with Bill Ayers. This is not Mr. Roger’s neighborhood! And not a normal American church, though Obama and Michelle both seemed to think so, for twenty years or so. Farrakhan and Wright are quite friendly rivals in hate– the dulcet voiced, brow mopping Minister Farrakhan was the “Wright choice” of Obama’s chosen church for citizen of the year in 2007. Should the next President be a black man who belonged to Wright’s church for twenty years, and who specifically endorsed the “Black Value System” that requires blacks to follow “black leaders?”

Length of Wright’s surrogate father tenure for the perpetually boyish Obama– at least twenty years, ages (approx) 27 to 47.*

4) Bill Ayers- proud terrorist bomber of American cities and public buildings, fanatic supporter of killing American civilians, lamented on September 10, 2001 that he had not done “more,” married to similarly unrepentant terrorist Bernadine Dorhn. Has been Obama’s Chicago political and financial godfather, surrogate father, dinner partner, and possibly ghost writer of the lush post modern prose that fills the page of Obama’s “Dreams.” Ayers, who was all for blowing up American restaurants and museums filled with innocent fellow citizens, displays the Soviet Union Red Army star on his University office door to this day. This Communist equivalent of the Swastika shares space with pictures of Che Guevara, and similar Communist propaganda. Ayers, old enough to be Obama’s father, has proudly posed for a magazine by trampling on the American flag in an alley. Street clever, the glib fellow leeches money from hapless foundations to brainwash America’s children from the fully Marxist perspective, dressed up in post-modern prose. Obama and Ayers have been soul buddies, political comrades for a very long time, probably all the way back to Columbia University in the early 1980’s, where the two Marx friendly radicals traveled in much the same circles. The fatherly, well connected Professor Ayers launched young Obama’s political career in a fund raiser at the Ayers home. The contacts are virtually endless, far too numerous to list here.

Length of surrogate father tenure Ayers- at least twenty four years, from Obama’s middle twenties right through today. And tomorrow. *

If Bill Ayers is Obama’s brain, Reverend Wright is apparently the mirror image of his heart– and his spleen. What course will be set for our ship of state if the emotional and political “son” of these men takes the helm? Hint: Like other wildly dangerous demagogues before him, in his first book Obama revealed a great deal about his predilections and the anti-American and even anti-Western set of his emotional filters. He wrote more than enough about his obsessions, his lifelong immersion in the company of an endless parade made of variously of bitter black racists, hustlers, anti-Americans of every imaginable sort to give any reasonable American voter pause.

Then too Obama does makes much in biography of the distasteful, bumbling whites he had to put up with, including his racist white grandmother who primarily raised him and put him through school, and his gross, bumbling white grandfather who naively sought out Comrade Davis to teach Obama about how blacks should feel and conduct themselves in America.

Obama’s nearly 100% anti-American associates provide a unique background for a man on the cusp of taking control of our CIA, FBI, military, and the bully pulpit. There is more than enough in Obama’s “Dreams” to scare the pants off voters who actually read it. There are still two weeks left for American voters to start reading. And telling friends and family a bit more about Obama’s surrogate Dads. Voters have a right to know at something of the cauldron of racial resentment, anger and raw hatred at least three of these four “father figures” have surely left in the soul of the mysterious Mr. Obama.