By now, I hope you’ve heard about my race for Congress here in Hawaii.  My district is about as far away as you can get from Washington, D.C., but that would be hard to tell with the hundreds of thousands of dollars pouring in from mainland Democrats.  Just last week, Sen. Daniel Inouye sent $100,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee so it could air more attacks on me, attacks that have already been called patently false.

I’m fighting back with our MoneyWave.  Our goal is to raise $100,000 on Wednesday. We’re over halfway to our goal already, but I need your help.  The Washington Democrats are scared.  They’re worried that a Republican win in this special election–in this blue state of Hawaii where President Obama was born–will spell disaster in November.  The liberal hub Daily Kos conducted a poll that showed us slightly ahead of our two Democratic opponents.

Our message is simple: government is out of control.  Washington is spending us into oblivion and setting us up for a fiscal disaster.  Make no mistake, my Democratic opponents don’t agree with me.  Their latest attack takes issue with my pledge never to raise taxes!

Here’s our timeline and why it’s important to help us out on Wednesday: this is an all mail-in special election.  Our best estimates are that the bulk of the ballots will be returned within 72 hours.  The ballots hit mailboxes on April 30.  This means I have just ten days to go before the first votes are cast.

Will you help me fight back today? If we can do it here in Barack Obama’s home town, we can do it in any district in America. Help bring real change to Hawaii and America by catching the Wave tomorrow!