The most recent acts of jihad against the United States should obliterate any lingering reluctance to admit the Islamic war against the United States of America. Double-talking Mohamadans and traitorous apologists for Islam inside American borders have spent the past eleven years since the jihadist attacks on the eleventh of September of 2001 obfuscating and lying about the inherent malignancy of Islam and its enmity toward the Free World, especially its most powerful member. Outrageously, far too many Americans have fallen for the barrage of Islamic propaganda. Sadly, more have forgotten about the day when jihadis murdered thousands of their countrymen and women plus all the jihadist atrocities committed since that day.

The useful idiots in the American media have been attempting to blame the outburst of jihad due to a film critical of Islam. The Mohamadan-coddling talking heads have elevated this totalitarian ideology and the criminal who created above any criticism or skepticism. Even if the savages who attacked the American diplomatic outposts did so due to their hypersensitivity to any exposure of the ugly truth of Islam and its fabricator, that holds zero relevancy. If feeling insulted by a work of art, no matter the medium or level of artistry, gives license to murder, rape and destroy, then Americans have more than sufficient cause for storming embassies of Islamic countries, killing their staffs, ripping down their flags and replacing them with banners displaying slogans of freedom.

The American people must demand immediate reactions by their government. All aid to Islamic regimes must end now. Money sent to the countries that harbor and support jihadis only provides succor to those who seek our capitulation and destruction. All embassies and consulates must be rendered as secure as fortresses. Sizeable detachments of Marines or others armed and trained in security have to be assigned to every facility. These detachments must be armed to the teeth with standing orders to kill any barbarians attempting to enter the compounds. Failing those security measures, then the outposts must be closed. For the American government to maintain diplomatic installations in hostile countries without the utmost of security reeks of suicidal naïveté at a minimum. Actually, refusal to harden embassies and consulates hints at complicity with Islamists’ wishes for easy targets representing the United States at which they can vent their never-ending rage.

For the long term, the United States must gird itself for a new Cold War. Islamists repeatedly reveal their malevolent intentions toward us, both in hostile speeches and criminal actions. The American people must recognize both those inside the Islamic bloc and those who have infiltrated our country from that entity as our enemies. All American businesses must be withdrawn from these cesspools. A ban on American-based airlines flying into those hostile states and any flights arriving from the same must be implemented. Any imports from the Islamic bloc must be forbidden, as should be any American exports to that group of oppressive regimes. In short, any economic interaction with Mohamadans will benefit the enemies of the United States to the detriment of Americans and their allies.

Individuals in the United States and the rest of the Free World can also take proactive economic measures against those who wish to destroy their societies. As the criminal conviction of the Holy Land Foundation demonstrated, Mohamadans within our borders send funds to support terrorists through mosks and other fronts for Islamic domination. Considering the common practice of Mohamadans in the Free World to donate their money in support of jihadis, a boycott of all Mohamadan-owned businesses must begin. The purchase of goods or services from Mohamadans underwrites future acts of violence directed at civilized people. Additionally, employers must not hire Mohamadans, thus providing them with income, which they can funnel to jihadis. Only a total cessation of financial transactions with Mohamadans can stanch the lifeblood, which nourishes the cancer known as Islam and its malignant tumors known as jihadis.

The term “Sharia-creep” describes the various means by which Islamists stealthily infect unwitting minds in the Free World. Therefore, we must confront the useful idiots who try to legitimize Islamization. These include agricultural companies placating Mohamadans by conforming to halal standards of brutally torturing animals. Additionally, civilized people must withdraw all funds and investments in financial institutions that offer interest-free loans to Mohamadans. Also, any businesses that cave into demands of Mohamadan employees should also be boycotted.  Some examples of such cowardice include the wearing of Islamic misogynistic items such as head-rags or shrouds as well as time away from work for bowing down to the rock in Mecca. Any enterprises that kowtow to Mohamadans must face retaliation for their abetting of the scourge of our society.

Civilized people can help wage the war of ideas against Islam. Parents must stand up to schools’ white-washing of Islam’s legacy of oppression and violence in classes and in textbooks. All Americans must challenge the Mohamadan-coddlers in the media when their reports obfuscate or deny the Islamic basis for acts of terrorism and criminality. Any attempt to construct or convert an existing building into a mosk, madrassa or any other structure for the propagation of Islam must be prevented. Such buildings act as indoctrination centers of impressionable youth and gullible converts to groom future Islamists and raise support for the imposition of Islam.

Finally, we in the Free World must change our collective mindset. Far too many have hesitated to acknowledge openly that Islamists have declared war on us. Refusal to identify with complete honesty the ideology of the enemy has hampered our effort. The knee-jerk additions of the term “radical” to Islamists who are clearly adhering to Islamic scriptures give credence to Islamic disinformation that Islam is peaceful, righteous and misunderstood. Those who follow the dictates and examples of Mohamad (May he burn in Hell forever), the inventor of Islam, are not “radical”, at least not in their practice of Islam. Those savages emulate the words and deeds of the criminal who started their cult. Did anyone refer to those killing Americans during the Second World War as “radical Nazis” as though some “moderate Nazis” existed and meant no harm to Americans? Devotees to totalitarian ideologies such as Nazism and Islam pattern themselves on the evil examples set forth by the malevolent originators. Regardless of naïve outsiders unwilling to believe that anyone would imitate the crimes and psychoses of either Hitler or Mohamad (MHBHF), the reality is that an alarming number of sheeple have done so and continue to do so. The sooner that residents in the Free World admit those facts, the quicker effective counter-offensives can begin in earnest.

Equally, civilized people are generally too impatient to commit to vanquishing the latest manifestation of totalitarianism to threaten our society. This struggle will endure far longer than did the Second World War and likely longer than the Cold War. Islamists have infiltrated our borders by the millions in addition to co-opting the minds of hundreds of millions of brainwashed members of their cult, if not more. Victory of civilization over this barbarism requires more than simply killing jihadis or destroying their infrastructure. The ultimate defeat of Islam will occur when its poisonous ideals have been rejected around the world then this totalitarian plague ends up on the trash heap of history.