As usual, the Watercooler is an open-thread and I didn’t see any posts on today’s news that 3 more students were arrested for aiding and abetting the Boston terrorists.

First, many thanks are due to westcoastpatriette for posting a daily thread which I find useful so as not to thread-jack. After conversing with wcp last night, she just needs a break so didn’t mind if others take up the task when needed. She’ll be back no doubt so I am not taking her place at all. But given today’s news and not seeing any posts on it, I felt a need to post an open-thread to discuss the latest developments in the Boston terrorist bombings.

Make no mistake, the friends of suspect 2 (S2) preferred to scrub his dorm of anything they deemed as damning to cover up his actions rather than calling the police after identifying and knowing that he killed and maimed so many innocent people. This was after they got the return text msg from S2 to the effect of “lol, take what you want from my room”. We’ve also heard that the wife of S1 called him to give a heads up when she saw the FBI pics and again, she didn’t call the police but claims ignorance.  Yes, these people supposedly come to America for a better life and we welcome them with open arms including feeding and housing them and then they cause murder and mayhem. I say to the mother that wishes she never came to America: we wish you never came here either!

Undoubtedly, there is way more to this story than we know at this time. But will it be a Benghazi-like incident that is covered up and obfuscated until hopefully, the press loses interests? I sure hope not. And Bob Beckel is right in the light of 9/11 and Boston: stop giving student visas to people from known countries with radical jihadists.

Lastly, this should put a stall on the immigration omnibus bill. If the reported numbers are true, that 40% of the illegals are over-stayed visas, shouldn’t we find them first before granting them provisional citizenship? How many more radical students are here on visas, current or expired? It’s prudent we know who is here first before waving the magic citizen wand.

Just because this admin keeps saying and repeating that all the near-misses from radicals that want to harm people and our way of life are one-offs or lone wolfs, doesn’t make it true. Some on the Left even blame us for not being more inviting and assimilating them into our culture! I say hogwash (other words wouldn’t be lady like) and that’s their responsibility if they come here to live the dream.

If we don’t understand and admit who are enemies are, sadly, it will be repeated. God Bless America.