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When the president loses "I get a thrill up my leg" Chris Matthews, then the writing is on the wall: this president is toast. I sometimes Lefty lurk on MSNBC to hear what the latest nonsense they are spewing and just happened to watch the 7:00-8:00am hour today. I'm glad I have a DVR because I was so shocked at some of the statements, I had to rewind to make sure I heard what I thought I'd heard.

Quick, someone call DHS as reports of Zombies are true! Thank goodness they trained for this with our tax $$$

Zombies Invade San Francisco!Chris Matthews, among other liberal cheerleaders, was a guest on what I call the Morning Joe Schmoe show. Chris Matthews looked like he’d seen a ghost or was at a funeral but I’ve never seen him look so shaken and defeated. But you have to hear what he said*** after making excuses for a lack of a bull-dog Chief of Staff.  “This president is responsible for the entire federal government”.  “He doesn’t want to be Chief Executive” and “He doesn’t want to run the U.S. government”!  And that this scandal is going to help anyone on the anti-government right and will haunt Democrats in 2014 with a 5-10% point lead! He was beside himself and so was Ron Fournier.

Matthew’s dismay over the scandals didn’t last but a day. Today he basically said that the critics on the Right are motivated by white supremacy and can’t stand to see a black man in office…yep, that’s the Chris Matthew’s we know and detest. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2013/05/16/MSNBC-On-IRS-Scandal-White-supremacy-Motivates-Critics

Shocking!!! And Duh, we’ve been saying that since 2009!

The statements made by everyone on the show proved that they are trying to separate themselves as fast as possible…kinda like when a wheel goes flying at 60 MPH! And finally they pinned O as the wreckless driver.

**IMPORTANT UPDATE: Seems the AP isn’t going to take the abuse from this admin laying down. We’d already heard that they agreed to hold the story for national security reasons. Turns out that wasn’t exactly true. They did hold the story for 5 days as requested but were assured by the CIA that the story would not harm national security but were still asked to hold it one more day, so Obama could tout the success the next day! They were targeted for a wide records sweep because they scooped the president so it seems!

From http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/some-question-whether-ap-leak-on-al-qaeda-plot-put-us-at-risk/2013/05/15/47003ed4-bd77-11e2-89c9-3be8095fe767_print.html

The CIA officials, who had initially cited national security concerns in an attempt to delay publication, no longer had those worries, according to individuals familiar with the exchange. Instead, the Obama administration was planning to announce the successful counter-terrorism operation that Tuesday.” […snip]

The president’s top counter-terrorism adviser at the time, John O. Brennan, had appeared on “Good Morning America” the following day to trumpet the successful operation. He said that because of the work of U.S. intelligence, the plot did not pose an active threat to the American public.

This puts a whole new spin on Holder’s testimony yesterday when he said it was the 3rd most national security leak he recalled. Yet he could not recall when he recused himself and didn’t put it in writing.

Fast forward about 11 hours, and the president’s statements about the IRS, without questions as usual, were so rehearsed and meaningless. He never apologized to Conservatives. He announced that he asked for and the acting IRS Commissioner accepted his resignation. So what! He was already scheduled to resign come June and the law states he has to unless confirmed as the real Commissioner! So in essence we have a tough man stance that holds no meaning to his get tough actions.

And now we know that the former IRS person in charge of the controversial tax-exempt division is now the director of the division that will run Obamacare. Lovely. Just shuffle the rats in the nest. From http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2013/05/irs-official-in-charge-during-tea-party-targeting-now-runs-health-care-office/

The Internal Revenue Service official in charge of the tax-exempt organizations at the time when the unit targeted tea party groups now runs the IRS office responsible for the health care legislation.

Sarah Hall Ingram served as commissioner of the office responsible for tax-exempt organizations between 2009 and 2012. But Ingram has since left that part of the IRS and is now the director of the IRS’ Affordable Care Act office, the IRS confirmed to ABC News today.

Meanwhile, back at the WH ranch, they tried their best to throw off the IRS trail scent by releasing nearly 100 pages of emails about Benghazi. Jay Carney is going to need a pair of new tap shoes come Friday. I’m sure O’s tap shoes are barely used but will get broken in tomorrow at his presser.

So the if, if outrage from last Friday and tonight means nothing. And then he had the audacity to warn Congress to not be too political while promising his admin would cooperate in Congressional hearings. Really? Since when has his people cooperated willingly? Never and I saw how indignant and downright rude Holder was to Rep. Issa today.

On a side note, the president told the Ohio graduates that they’ve been duped by everyone except Big Government from http://www.cleveland.com/open/index.ssf/2013/05/live_coverage_of_president_oba.html:

“But if we’re being honest, as you’ve studied and worked and served to become good citizens, the institutions that give structure to our society have, at times, betrayed your trust.  In the run-up to the financial crisis, too many on Wall Street forgot that their obligations don’t end with their shareholders.  In entertainment and in the media, ratings and shock value often trumped news and storytelling.  And in Washington – well, this is a joyous occasion, so let me put this charitably: I think it’s fair to say our democracy isn’t working as well as we know it can.  It could do better.  And those of us fortunate enough to serve in these institutions owe it to you to do better, every single day.”

And then the sales job: “Still, you’ll hear voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s the root of all our problems, even as they do their best to gum up the works; or that tyranny always lurks just around the corner.  You should reject these voices.  Because what they suggest is that our brave, creative, unique experiment in self-rule is just a sham with which we can’t be trusted.”American Gothic by Grant WoodI bet he wished he could take those words back unless he was thinking of using it as evidence later in his after-prez life.

Put a fork in this president. His 2nd term agenda is DOA and it’s his own fault for either directing the misdeeds or being ignorant of the actions of the Left radical animals he let out of the zoo and into his administration upon his election. Dereliction of duty no matter how one slices it.

***Now, I tried my best to insert a video about Matthew’s comments from the Morning Schmoe from MSNBC and from YouTube to no avail. If someone could please tell me how I’d be grateful. Here is the link if someone wants to insert it in a comment. Even posting a pic from flickr.com is a chore these days. I only use the “Create New Diary” from RS. Thank you.

It’s listed as “Matthews: IRS story is going to haunt Democrats in 2014” and it’s about 30 minutes but Matthews is at the beginning of the clip.



**Sorry to update (blue typeface) and push diaries down but these two items are important to get out there and will call into question Holder’s testimony I’m sure and reinforces the need to abolish the IRS. Another day, another few scandals! 




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