Throughout the 2010 primary season, we’ve seen an interesting waive through the nation. We can all see it, we all know what it is, even the pseudo-journalists know what’s going on whether they’ll admit it or not.

The statements made around Democrats Arlen Specter’s and Blanche Lincoln’s primary campaigns were nearly identical to the statements during Rand Paul’s. It was said that the votes against the incumbent/establishment candidate were votes against the Washington insiders. Halter and Sestak both echoed this statement on Election Day.

A race that hits close to home for me was the Kentucky Republican Senate primary for the seat that Senator Jim Bunning is vacating between Libertarian Republican Rand Paul and the establishment candidate, Kentucky’s Secretary of State, Trey Grayson who was handpicked by Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell. Paul enjoyed an overwhelming victory over Grayson which has been claimed to be a referendum, not only on Washington, but on the moderate to liberal Republicans who are, currently, running the party.

What does this say about the direction of America? If the people in State after State are standing up against big government, back room deals and extreme deficit spending, where is the nation heading?

Although Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and the rest of the liberal media attempt to, it is only the ignorant that will dismiss the impact of the Tea Party movement. To limit the success of this anti-incumbency to just the Tea Party is unfair as well. There have been conservative groups which have been in action far longer than the Tea Parties have existed such as the Club for Growth, Coast and (in my home state) Taking Back Kentucky.

What the media chooses to ignore and what many people may not be aware of; is that the Tea Party movement is merely a part of a large change that is sweeping across These United States. Even in California, Carly Fiorina who is the conservative candidate who was endorsed by Sarah Palin for the U.S. Senate is leading in the polls… IN CALIFORNIA! In a time which California is in the fight for fiscal stability and has seen no success from liberal politics, Fiorina may even stand a good chance of beating extreme leftist Senator, Barbara Boxer… IN CALIFORNIA!

There is something new going on throughout These United States. It’s not the Tea Party, it’s not the 912Project, it’s not the Ron Paul revolution, it’s not Taking Back Kentucky (or other such organizations), it’s not Glenn Beck and it’s not Sarah Palin. It is the people’s change of mood. It is the Conservative Awakening!