It’s the bottom of the nineth inning

And the libberals are winning

The are leading 4 to 1

Spending money is their fun


McDonnell hit a single, Christy did the same

Winning the House loaded the bases, making it a game

Things looked up, the winning run at the plate

Can the GOP nominate a conservative and take the cake


Up to bat, the rookie Michele Bachmann

Winning the straw poll, she showed a woman can

She swung and she poped the ball high as a kite

Easily caught by the catcher just to his right


The RedState Box Office Report


Then up came Rick Perry, the mighty Texan

He approached the plate, his fundraising flexin’

The first pitch, immigration, came right down the middle

He stood their and watched perplexed as if it were a riddle


Perry inched to the right, the second pitch came

The pitch was outside, but despite that he swang

Yet he swung late, and fouled it to right

His at bat was not over, he still had fight


And then came a softball, lobbed over the plate

Perry sized it up, ready for his fate

He swung his mighty bat, ready to win

And then it came…oops


With the great Perry out, the conservatives feared for their fate

The crowed began a shiver as Newt stepped to the plate

A hero of the past, who left the game in a decade ago in shame

Is again expected to be the man conservatives will blame


For if he fails conservatives once again

Team Romney, the game, shall win

And the game won, shall lose to Obama in the Election

and the country shall suffer, and our deficit shall go to collection


And so my friends, here is where we stand

With one man’s at bat determining freedom for our land

Should he pull through and hit a homer with fame

He shall challenge Obama in the championship game


Yet should he faulter, none other remain

Out already are Perry, Bachmann, and Cain

Romany shall triumph and carry the banner

And against Obaman shall lose in a disgusting manner


So I say to my friends, though he may be imperfect and fat

Place your hopes on the one man who actually stands at bat

For the game rests with him, and that is a fact

It all comes down to his at bat.