When I was young, my name was (not really) Chuckie Smith.  When I got married, my name changed to (not really) Chuckie Jones.

Does Caroline Schlossberg (that’s my best approximation, you never really see her real name much) deserve a Senate seat? Good question.

Her claim to fame then…she raised children?  Oh really.  I raised children also.  I lost all my potential Social Security benefits because I quit working when my kids were born.  I am disabled from a work accident when my kids were mostly but not quite grown, but I am not eligible to receive any benefits because I was a “stay at home mom” while my kids were growing up. Ya know, I kinda think Princess Caroline was able to continue all her normal activities whilst her kids were growing up.  I am ashamed to say, I believe she probably had lots and lots of people on her payroll to take care of her kids while she went about the world doing good and wonderful things I never heard about. But I don’t think she raised her kids. I don’t think any Kennedys actually do that.

Another claim to fame..she has done wonderful things in the world. What wonderful things?  Have we ever before now heard of even one wonderful thing she has done in the world?  You have never heard of any wonderful thing I have ever done in the world either, therefore I am on an even footing for the NY Senate seat, except for the fact that I don’t live in New York, lucky for me.

But I have done wonderful things in the world.  When my church could not afford new hymnals, I was able to rebind our ancient books so that they could last a few years longer.  Nobody taught me how, I just made it up as I went along.  But it worked.  When my church needed new cabinets in the downstairs kitchen, I walked a couple miles every day to first build, and then finish them. When I came across a family stranded in the Kroger parking lot, unable to buy gas to get home, I gave them the forty dollars I had left (which left me unable to complete my own shopping) and directions to my church, where they would get significant assistance.  I have moved wounded or aged butterflies/moths out of the paths where they would be stepped on, into safer places where they can die in peace. I feed the birds. I have made sure the frogs are comfortable in the used cat litter box they moved into, under the hose. Before one of them put my on crutches for weeks, I used to  calmly catch spiders under a glass, and take them out of the house. These are little things, but they are important.  And they are wonderful.  I kinda doubt Caroline ever did any of these wonderful things.


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 We took in a lost teenager, whose family had abondoned him, We housed him and raised him for three years, and never asked for government assistance because that would have “negatively affected” his father and mother financially. I, who got my own driver’s licence at age forty, taught this young man to drive, although he had had several learners permits while in his parents “custody,” as it were, and it was me who finally got him his license.

I doubt if any Kennedy ever took an empty can and used pliers to bend it into just the right shape to become a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cookie cutter.  Or afterwards, took the time to paint the appropriate colors for each Turtle on the cookies. And you may not think that was a wonderful thing, but when my son was graduating from basic training with the first class that enlisted after 9/11, his classmates recognized Leonardo, and Michaelangelo, and Rafael….and what’s his name….I may not remember, but they did. I kinda got the impression they thought it was a wonderful thing. And they appreciated the many many pounds of cookies we took to their graduation. Which I attended with funny looking tie-up sandals because of my foot was swollen from a bee-sting.

I’m not bragging.  I am America.  There are thousands of me all across this land.

These are the wonderful things that Americans do every day.

We are not named Kennedy.

Technically, neither is she.

So.  All this hype for some Caroline Schlossberg?

I don’t think so.