Check out my blog on the Biden gaffe of the week! It continues to astound me that people can actually question Palin’s qualifications and knowledge with a weirdo like Biden out there!

Why do the media, SNL and many voters have issues with Sarah Palin’s qualitifications or knowledge when they have a bold example of how stupid humanity can be with Amtrak Joe Biden? Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

First, Joe told America during the primary that Barack Obama was the first “clean” and “articulate” black man to run for the Presidency and that his campaign was a “storybook.”

Biden also referred to needing to learn Indian to go into 7-11s.

Biden told us it was partiotic to pay higher taxes and it was time for us to get patriotic.

Perhaps taking the Obama-is-the-messiah theme too far, prophet Biden famously told a man in a wheelchair to stand up (perhaps thinking that messiah Obama had given him some magical healing powers), until realizing his gaffe and making everyone else stand up for the poor chap.

Joe stopped mid-speech to tap a reporter on the chest and tell him he needed to work on his pecks.

NOW, this past week’s delusional take on history should have been front page news and would have been if Palin had made the remarks. Attempting to assure voters that the Obama-Biden ticket (looks a lot like Osama bin Laden) took this financial situation seriously, Mr. Biden envoked FDR. The problem? Not one part of his story was true.

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