As I was not one of the elect few conservatives graced with an audience with “The One” let me just preface my blog by saying that I am sure all of those folks who did chill with the socialist future President are still solidly conservative.  As the meeting itself was more top secret than those evil closed door meetings that Darth Vader, AKA Vice President Cheney, had with those evil energy companies, I won’t speculate on what went down.  Perhaps Peggy Noonan engaged in a verbal smack-down with his royal change-ness.  Perhaps Mr. Kudlow tied the toast of Berlin to a chair and lectured him on conservative economic policies.  Maybe Rich Lowry and Charles Krauthammer sabotaged the royal teleprompter (or the royal tongue’s GPS for getting it out of the land of the “uhs” and into a more coherent location) by filling it with conservative rhetoric not seen since the heyday of the Reagan administration.


Or maybe they helped Rev. Wright’s little protege put out the image in the media that he is the one who can end partisanship as we know it and that conservatives really do love him.  Maybe despite all of their education, these folks were used as a photo op to further the cause of all things Barry.  Perhaps they would have been better served joining Governor Palin on a moose-hunting expedition.

The conservative movement as a whole seems to be dealing with an election hangover that clouds their view of reality.  The mantra is starting to grow that we as conservatives need to get behind Obama and love him just like everyone else, tingling leg sensations and all.  Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are dangerous, we are told, because they dare to question the audacious hope-meister.  We can’t go off to the right, we must move to the center.

Somewhere surely a record player is screeching to a halt.


I’m sorry, didn’t we just try that by nominating media darling and scourge of the conservative establishment John “Bipartisanship” McCain for President?  It’s as though we just ended a campaign with Tom DeLay at the top of the ticket.  As someone who comes from a state where we only get liberal GOP candidates like Christie “It’s My Party Too!” Whitman and Tom “Democrat-lite” Kean, I am well aware of what a RINO looks like.  John McCain is the most RINO-riffic GOP presidential candidate since Gerald Ford.  And sadly for those of us looking forward to a Vice President Palin, the last time I checked, he lost pretty badly.  So much for RINO power.

So why is it that Barry has yet to even take office and people are falling all over themselves to declare him the next “team of rivals” assembling Lincoln on a path to heal the world?  Historian Michael Beschloss has already declared him the most intelligent man to take office (despite having no facts to back this up) and it’s almost as if some of the conservatives are believing that.

Here’s the deal.  Of course, we should all want Obama to be successful in the sense of not leading our country to utter destruction.  I don’t think, however, that it is out of the question to stick by our principles.

As conservatives, we have very little to cheer on in the upcoming Obama dictatorship.  I’m not into slaughtering the unborn, raising taxes, coddling terrorists, raising spending, seeking government’s solution to all of our problems, or placing mentally insane activist judges who pull new laws out of the abyss of their twisted anti-American imagination on the courts.  I guess I’m supposed to be excited that the soulmate of Bill Ayers kept Robert Gates and nominated Hillary for Secretary of State.  Oh, and that Rick Warren is going to pray at the innauguration. 

Now, I’ll admit, I did sort of develop a little crush on Hillary this year during the primary when I realized how radically socialist Barack Obama was.  I found myself rooting for mylady and I even have a Hillary yard sign (given to me by a friend as a joke!)   I have even gone so far as to say that I would have donated to her campaign if I knew that Obama could beat her in the primary.  She was my girl in the spring, but that was just because she at least wasn’t a terrorist-hugging, full-out communist with no experience.   

So as for the love-fest that some conservatives are having with Obama, I don’t get it.  Conservatives need to spend the next four years being conservatives not sycophants.  The media is never going to embrace a conservative no matter how “moderate” you become.  Because like my brief fling with Hillary, you are really only the lesser of the evils within the opposition and not someone to take home to Mom and Dad. 

If conservatives continue to let themselves be played for fools by Barry and stand for nothing, they will find themselves in the political wilderness for some time.  Standing up against the socialist agenda of the neophyte politician and community organizer from Illinois is not wrong.  It is the only thing left for us to do.

Demonstrating sycophantic behavior like cooing over how “nice” and “smart” Obama is and having swanky cocktail parties to toast his intention to lower our national defenses while going in for the kill on the unborn and the first amendment is folly.  While it is true that the former trainer for ACORN will be the President in a matter of days, it is not true that we should automatically become the doormat for him to wipe his feet on.  We need to give the man the respect of the office, but we don’t need to forsake everything that we believe in and hold dear just for the sake of playing nice and retaining social status.

Having hush-hush dinner parties (and then cooing and giggling like school children in public about how cool it was) and sharing the stage at his innauguration give the impression of support for the man and allow good people to be used as part of an overall public relations campaign.  We need to be smarter than that.   

There is no need to rush to join the thronging mobs hoping for just a touch of his jacket.  There is more than enough adoration of this man.  Conservatives should stop looking for ways to get Obama to like them and look for ways to promote a conservative agenda for America.  After all, Secretary of State-Designate shrilly scolded us about the patriotism in disagreeing with “any administration.”  Drop the finger foods, put away the “Conservatives heart Obama” shirts and let the disagreement begin!