Just when you think you’ve heard it all, Harry Reid strikes again.  From the man who brought you such hits as “the war is lost” comes the instant classic, “Today is a big day in America.  Only 36,000 people in America lost their jobs today, which was really good.”

Way to shoot for the stars there Harry!

Who among us wasn’t inspired by that dazzling gem of bold leadership?

He learns from the best though.

President Obama, the ever-inspiring leader of the free world, once waxed eloquent to a little girl at a campaign rally that “America, is uh, no longer what it could be.”  Although it’s not immediately clear what Obama meant by that back in 2008, thanks to his subsequent speeches designed to make Muslim terrorists join the throngs of folks swooning over his awesomeness, we know that he’s not talking about religion.  On that front, he is quite giddy in pronouncing that the “great thing” about America is that “whatever we once were” we are “no longer a Christian nation.”

Yes, aside from the euphoria liberals and socialists feel about America’s decadent decline from morality and Christianity, they find little else to cheer about.  America is “downright mean” as a nation, its citizens are “bitter” and “cling to guns and religion” as they marinate in “antipathy” toward folks who are different than they are.

And only massive government intervention, spending and usurpation of private industry and personal liberties saved us from certain economic armageddon.

Similarly, despite the polling, election results, and town hall meetings to the contrary, they hold fast to the belief that only government can save us from the coming certain healthcare armageddon.  So much so that the intellectually gifted Botox enthusiast Nancy Pelosi urged rapid passage of the healthcare bill so that we could then “find out what’s in it.”

President Obama likes to “indulge” in what Patrick Henry called the “illusions of hope” while offering no such thing.  To President Obama and his political allies “only” 36,000 people losing their jobs is a good thing.   There is a limit to the sky.  There is a boundary on the horizon.  Such is the pessimistic vision of Barack Obama.

And to him, America should diminish herself economically in favor of grand socialist experiments that have failed every time they have been tried.  Similarly, she should diminish internationally so as not to offend anyone else, particularly the peace-loving Muslim terrorists scattered about the globe.   Finally, and perhaps most importantly to Obama and those who share his worldview, Americans should diminish themselves patriotically as they ought to roll back their expectations and pride in America so as to embrace the more trendy stance of awkward shame and embarrassment toward America’s history, accomplishments and place in the world.

Gone are the days when President Reagan’s optimism permeated the malaise-soaked America that he inherited from Jimmy Carter, and to coin a phrase from Sarah Palin’s palm, “lifted America’s spirits” to restore her place upon the hill of nations.

And notice too that Reagan didn’t drone on for years blaming all of his problems on his predecessor.

Sadly for us, Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan.  Where Reagan saw the boundless limits of a free people and free economy, Obama sees dangerous commodities that need to be taxed, confiscated, and regulated from each according to their ability to each according to their need.

The prevailing pessimism and doom and gloom approach to governing as evidenced in the Obama Administration and the congressional leadership will not–and must not prevail.

America needs leaders willing to fight for our freedom and our place in the world.  In short, folks willing to fight for our very way of life.

As Patrick Henry famously stated in his famous “give me liberty or give me death” speech to his fellow Virginians in 1775, “There is no longer any room for hope.  If we wish to be free–if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending–if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained–we must fight!”

It is almost like Patrick Henry is engaging in a political debate with the Obama, the false harbinger of all things “hope” from beyond the grave.

Where leaders on the left like Obama see nothing worth fighting for but government expansion, Henry was urging his fellow citizens to defend their personal liberty and fight for greatness.  While Obama tosses out empty rhetorical flourishes about “hope” while condescendingly scolding Americans and preparing to care for them as though they were helpless school children, Henry called for America to contend with its difficulties and embrace her destiny.  Obama would have us “hugging the delusive phantom of hope” while submitting to our limitations, be they foreign or domestic, a stance which runs counter to every fiber of America’s existence.

This approach is not fitting for a leader.  Leaders throughout our history have challenged us to become bigger than our circumstances.  George Washington led the Colonial army against tremendous odds to fight for our freedom.  Abraham Lincoln fought against tremendous difficulty to preserve the union.  Americans stood firm in the face of tyranny throughout the world in the 20th century, and for over two centuries has worked hard to overcome our trials and tribulations and keep what Ronald Reagan dubbed our “rendezvous with destiny.”

It is in that spirit that America was founded, sustained and established.  It is only in that spirit that America will regain her footing.

On that fateful day in 1775 Patrick Henry was trying to rouse a sleeping giant to embrace their own rendezvous with destiny against tremendous odds: “They tell us, sir, that we are weak, unable to cope with so formal an adversary…Sir we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power….Besides sir, we shall not fight our battles alone.  There is a just God who presides over nations.”

On that day Patrick Henry called for liberty or death.  Ironically in our day, Barack Obama has made clear his aversion to liberty by using the U.S. treasury as means to usurp private industry and personal liberties, while advocating for government-sponsored death via his healthcare scheme.

It is time that America reclaims her footing, embraces her destiny and tackles the challenges of today head on.   America deserves better than to be shackled to defeat by those who profess to lead her.  America can and will do better than her current care takers will allow despite what Barack Obama reads from his TelePrompters.

And why shouldn’t we believe that?  We’re Americans.