I have composed this article to try to articulate the danger to the future of our system of governance that we face should Obama win the Presidency along with an increased Democratic majority in Congress. My purpose is to motivate us more strongly as to the utter necessity to elect John McCain.

Or failing that, in the battle for our country’s soul and heritage that will ensue following an Obama victory, we need to understand the key elements of our opposition’s strategy – as we face the most serious threat since our nation’s founding to the preservation of our liberties in the face of the seduction of security, the tempation to passivity in the hope of being left-alone (for a while longer, at least), and the forces of intimidation coupled with threats of violence, imprisonment, and death to ourselves and/or our families.I know this is an alarming potential for our future that I am painting. Clearly, as my (shorter) companion article The Impending Rise of a Trade Unionism Movement under an Obama administration outlines, we will face the rise of a trade-unionism movement that will have deleterious effects on our economy and diminish our world standing. However, in light of the radicalism (of the left) that so many of Barack Obama’s confidants and mentors affirm, combined with his repeated declarations in debate and in speeches that capitalism has failed and that we need government to run our economy, we face a very real prospect even more revolutionary change, indeed a drive to impose a leftist dictatorship on our country in order to usher in a totalitarian dystopia following the failed historical models that so dominated the 20th century.

Others have written (and I may also) regarding the disastrous consequences that Obama’s domestic and foreign policy program will have on our country. However, when the country has erred in the past in Presidential choices, the check and balances in our political system have enabled such damage to be mitigated and eventually enabled electoral reversal.

However, what I am listing here are not simply febrile scenarios, but rather extensions of actions and pronouncements that the Obama campaign and supporters and some Democratic leaders have already employed in the current election, except that their intention after November 4th will be not simply to win an election but to enshrine a permanent one-party system that will make elections and electoral representation a sham.

However, the actual events that will take place will depend heavily on what happens with our economy, the competence and effectiveness of the forces of tyranny to gain control over key structures in the face of bureaucratic and institutional inertia, interventions by foreign forces (either nations, such as Russia, or terrorists) – and finally the response of the American people and private entities when (and if) they see what’s happening.

That is, I’m not writing prophecy as to outcome, just outlining the plans and intentions of the other side.

The path to dictatorship will include the following three key steps:

1) Tilting campaign money overwhelmingly to Democratic party operatives and choking off donations to the Republican party. In this way, Republicans and other opposition elements will be increasingly unable to compete on the national (and later state) level. We already see a tremendous cash imbalance in this election, and much of this cash may well be held in reserve for the next elections.

We have also witnessed the hardball tactics of Congressional Democrats who demand that donors contribute exclusively to the Democratic party in return for legislative favors. With Obama leading a strong Democratic majority in Congress, this pressure will intensify to the point of becoming a tourniquet around the neck of the Republican party that will evoke an irreversible death spiral over the next several electoral cycles as declining Republican numbers and consequent loss of political influence scare away qualified candidates and donors in a bandwagon effectg.

2) Restricting and eventually eliminating dissent as unpatriotic and/or sedition

3) Developing and institutionalizing a citizen vigilante structure complete with informers to identify and neutralize the emergence of dissenters and maintain dictatorial control

Specific steps to effect the above will include the following:

A) Executive Branch

1) Stick and Carrots: utilize the IRS, Department of Justice/Federal prosecutors, and various regulatory divisions to intimidate, find material for blackmail/embarrass and/or institute investigations or other legal activity against past or potential donors to the Republican party (individual and groups) – well as requiring the targets to expend money and time to defend themselves (which also means the target can less effectively carry out their intentions). Conversely, offer various carrots for donating to the Democratic party, either in terms of favorable regulatory action or prophylaxis against ongoing or potential tax/legal investigations. Such treatment will likely be expanded to include political leaders and their political organizations.

2) Expanding investigations into political speech critical of the current administration through aggressive enforcement of and expanding the definition of hate speech, libel and slander – or plain intimidation by threatening prosecution – or attrition by setting the resources of government against the limited financial and time resources of the targets.

3) Using the “bully pulpit” of the Presidency to label opposition as unpatriotic, racists, unloyal, and eventually enemies of the state. Creating and nuturing a virtual “mob” (and later on a physical mob) to violate the privacy of and expose and humiliate selected targets who exercise their civil liberties (e.g. Joe the Plumber), to shout down and deny a platform to dissenters (e.g. Jerome Corsi).

4) Intimation and/or seduction of media to a) promote the administration programs and b) to deny a voice to opponents and/or attack them mercilessly.

5) Over time, ever-increasing surveillance of the populace

B) Legislative Branch

Creating new laws and expanding current laws regarding:

1) Expand copyright protects to archives of historical events (writing, film, recordings, etc.) and eliminating fair use of such materials. No more “unauthorized” YouTube videos, for instance. In a grim fulfillment of “1984” this will enable the ruling party to control and shape history itself in a quid pro quod alliance with these corporate owners by severely inhibiting (at best) dissenting views by denying them source materials.

2) Expand definitions of hate speech, discrimination, etc. to put an increasing range of speech and topics off-limits.

3) Rewrite campaign finance laws, especially in terms of complexity and disclosure and inclusion, to inhibit and intimate grassroots organizations. Also will increase disclosure requirements that will remove anonymity for citizen donors. This will be targeted to spare favored Democratic organizations: especially labor unions will have fewer or no disclosure requirements, less protection for workers as to the use of their dues for political purposes, etc. – again to tilt the money playing field.

4) Not to mention other laws enabling a rise in forced unionism (card check being just the first step) and increased union power in formulating the economic policies of our nation. (More on unions in my companion article The Impending Rise of a Trade Unionism Movement under an Obama Administration)

5) Regulation of internet and other communication media, including forcing service providers (e.g. Google, Yahoo, and other ISPs) to police the content of communications on their networks by making them liable for that content violating laws, introduction of fairness doctrines, giving private parties standing to file complaints and or initiate legal actions against perceived “bias” and other restraints on free speech. Again, favored media companies will receive more lenient treatment so long as they play ball.

6) Later on, repeal of posse comitatus and/or establishment of new citizen militias in conjunction with laws to confiscate of citizen firearms (especially once the courts reverse Heller).

C) Judicial Branch

1) Appointment of a flood of compliant judges who will manipulate the law to expand governmental reach, using either existing law or new laws, and to facilitate prosecution of unfavored parties. Political speech will be a prime target, as well as political donations. Property tax/tax-exemption laws may be utilized to control non-profits agencies, including churches.

2) Expansion of “rights” and creating of new “rights” (via emanations and penumbras) to impose judicial will on legislatures, who will be ordered to write laws to judicial specifications (e.g. court-ordering of prison reform, gay marriage, budgets) in areas that had previously been under their purview in response to the wishes of their constituents. Expect new “rights” to health care, to education (as well as a right of government to set curriculum, to force students to attend government-approved schools = end of home schooling rights, as is the case in Germany), to home ownership – and perhaps a right to “fair” or “living” wages, etc. These “rights” will cement the Socialistic/Communistic programs that will ensue and insulate them from legislative reversals.

3) At the same time, unfavored existing rights will be trimmed or eliminated, such as the 2nd Amendment as an individual right, private property rights, commerce rights, and other rights regarding private actions in the public sphere.

The above is not a comprehensive program, but should give a sense of the dangers that lie ahead and the areas that we need to defend. Again, the first targets will be money and speech and communication venues, in order to destroy the ability of Republican candidates to mount effective campaigns and Republican Party’s ability to articulate political issues (or have them disseminated to the American public).

With the remarkable technological advances in the areas of surveillance and monitoring behavior and communications, along with advances in weaponry, our checks-and-balances are more fragile than we might think, and the ability to maintain any kind of sustained resistance for long will be difficult if not impossible.

Again, the best option is to keep the camel’s nose out of the tent in the first place.