Do you often find yourself frustrated, wishing to virtue signal your support for transgender activism, but lacking the emojis to express your conformity?

Boy howdy, are you in for a treat!

The New York Post reports:

Among the 117 new emojis that could hit Apple’s next update are the trans flag, a trans symbol, a gender-neutral bathroom sign, a gender-neutral Santa and a rainbow cat piñata.

Thank goodness! That ought to help things along, right? A gender-neutral Santa Claus? Of course, Santa’s trademark is his big, white, rather MALE beard … but whatever. There’s got to be a way around that. We can eagerly look forward to what the Ministry of Correctness has invented to shatter narrow traditional symbolism.

And no doubt millions of people have been holding their collective breath for a rainbow cat piñata. How did we survive without THAT one?

The emoji-verse, like school classrooms, has been for years an indoctrination tool for the Ministry. All manner of common objects are missing from the emoji line-up–including one of America’s most common objects, a firearm. But two lesbians with their kids? Smiling poop? A middle finger? Pfft! Of course! How else are you supposed to troll conservatives? Words? Words are hard.

That’s not to say discrimination is not rampant. Polyamory, paedophilia, and bestiality still lack their own dedicated emojis. These marginalized groups must still express their love in emoji combinations, e.g.:

🤵🏻 💕 🐖

💕 🙍🏻‍♂️ 🙍🏻‍♀️ 🙍🏻‍♂️ 💕

It’s unfair and awful, but have patience. Love is love, and love conquers all. Rome was not built in a day. Only so much inclusivity can be jammed down the public’s throat at one time without triggering the gag reflex.

The news has been met with great joy from nano-minds who make a habit of deploying childish hieroglyphics on their communication victims:

Did you catch the dude with a mustache in a wedding dress up there?


Watching a culture come unglued is morbidly fascinating, like watching one’s own raft disintegrate in the middle of the ocean. It’s hard to blame the woke-ists. As Archer says: “Idiots doing idiot things because they’re idiots.”

What doesn’t seem to concern the woke-ists–but really should–is the specter that, once traditional mores and order evaporate, they evaporate for everyone, not just inclusivity activists.

For example, 1920s Weimar Germany experienced a rapid cultural revolution and liberalization after WWI, complete with cross-dressing, cabarets, jazz, and an ethos of hedonism.

The dark side of that revolution–spearheaded by a guy with a Charlie Chaplin mustache–you may have heard about. The absence of cultural bulwarks meant Adi Hitler & Friends faced few impediments as they mounted a rapid change of their own, marked by pre-Christian German paganism, anti-capitalism, and suppression of traditional minority communities, who were blamed for all the country’s problems.

Sound familiar?