In case Nan-Nan Pelosi’s shredding the president’s speech at the State of the Union last night didn’t get the message across, someone named Leonard Pitts has published a screed in the Salt Lake Tribune to hammer the odium home.

Speaking about Hillary Clinton’s infamous comment, Pitts writes:

Observers saw [“basket of deplorables”] as a major gaffe, and conservatives erupted in hot, “How dare you!” indignation at the idea there was anything deplorable about voting for a lying, racist, misogynistic, vagina-grabbing, deadbeat. [That last, incorrect comma appears in the original]

Few people, if any, dared point out the obvious. Which is that Clinton was right.

Thank you, Leonard Pitts, for another unforced error!

Hillary, Nan-Nan, Don Lemon, Pitts and the rest of their sneering crew do mighty work, better than a thousand campaign ads. And free of charge!

Populists have struggled for four years to convince moderate voters that the left’s selfless, noble bipartisan unity act is a cynical ploy, a veneer masking elitist bigotry and contempt for Americans who don’t rate in the new progressive orthodoxy.

Like Nan-Nan last night, progressives smile and try to shake your hand–until they see it’s not working. Then they erupt in petulant fit, scribbling calumnious op-eds, firing profanity-laced tweets, and tearing up paperwork in performative outrage.

The contempt flies out in predictable insults. Voters who disobey the woke overlords are rubes, hicks, rednecks, haters, racists, misogynists, self-hating Jews, or the worst of all leftist insults … WHITE–including black Americans who break ranks, like Kanye West. Those Uncle Toms are the whitest of them all.

By far the most common attacks on conservatives who refuse to leftify their politics fall on their education and intelligence. Pitts writes:

A 2015 survey by the Pew Research Center found that among Americans with college and post-graduate degrees, progressives outpace conservatives by a wide margin. In other words, the right is less well educated. In Trump, they’ve found someone who validates their inchoate biases and fears …

With the exception of attacking someone’s race, no other attack shows more contempt than an attack on a person’s mind. Such an attack connotes that a person isn’t even worth debating, and never will be.

Of course what Pitts says is absurd, a putdown predicated solely on credentialism. Sheepskins do not make someone more intelligent, more correct in their political views, more moral, or wiser. Credentials are just credentials–an intimation that the man or woman underneath the degree possesses at least slightly above-average intelligence and the ability to sit and receive instruction from authority figures, then toss it all back on cue.

Anyone who works with those in the academy on a regular basis–including yours truly–can tell you that some of the most blundering, narrow-minded, unwise, selfish, and painfully average minds on earth toil there, people who don’t know to open the flue on their fireplace before lighting the logs (true story).

But Pitts and Company should continue to make fun of those Americans who live outside universities and cosmopolitan centers. They should repeat their disparagement of those Americans’ intelligence, morality, charity, religion, choice of employment, place of residence, and speaking accents. Let’s see where that gets them in November.

Will undecided voters in the “flyover states” bow to the campaign of shame, bullying, and vilification against them and the president of their country?

Maybe twenty years ago they would have. They trusted then, but no longer. In the meantime, they seem to have learned that the elitists in the media, Hollywood, Washington, and the academy extend the hand of friendship, only to pull them into the mud of globalism, anti-white racism, anti-Semitism, socialism, economic stagnation, and defeatism in the face of America’s enemies.

With the trust gone, it seems likely undecided voters will reject all this nonsense with finality. President Trump will beat Democrats–as they say in my hick area–like a rented mule.

President Trump has by some metrics accomplished more than any president before him in just four years–and that’s with a divided Congress and 24/7 obstruction. Imagine what might happen with a Republican House and Senate, along with a robustly conservative Supreme Court, after Ginsburg gives up her waiting game and retires or expires.

The payback for the spurious impeachments and investigations, the obstruction, the endless stream of insults, the lawless nationwide injunctions … it might pinch a little.

But Pitts can rest secure in the knowledge that, in the end, he and his brothers-in-abuse are always better than all those deplorable hicks and rubes, so let them do their worst.

After all, a lot of them don’t even have post-graduate degrees–or Teslas.