I had an interesting exchange with a friend, who said:

“I can’t believe Democrats can support Joe Biden. He falls asleep during interviews. He struggles to form sentences and needs a teleprompter for interviews. He’s obviously deep into dementia or some mental collapse. I get it that they hate Trump, but why don’t Dems demand a candidate who isn’t drooling on himself?”

“Because it’s entertaining.”

“No it’s not! It’s sad.”

“You just described most of reality TV. It’s degraded and sometimes vaguely horrifying, but you can’t look away.”

“Oh s***….”

“Yep. Biden’s precarious mental state is not a bug, it’s a feature. A healthy Joe Biden is less interesting than watching paint dry. None of the other Dem candidates were any better. Boring as cinder blocks on a vacant lot. But Joe Biden skating the edge of mental collapse while running for president–”

“–is like watching ‘Survivor’. He’s not an interesting person, but the extreme situation he’s in makes for riveting viewing.”


“We’re doomed as a country, aren’t we?”

“Good question.”