The relentless media war against the private ownership of firearms has become so obvious as to be almost laughable. The latest example occurred over the weekend.

The story was relatively straightforward – an unruly customer at Grumpy’s, a well-known neighborhood bar in Minneapolis, was ejected by the staff. As he left, 24 year old Tirso Gomez was seen and heard by multiple witnesses to have yelled threats at one of the bouncers, telling him he was “coming back to cut” him.

Shortly thereafter, Gomez came back to the bar armed with what witnesses described as a “really big” knife. He immediately attacked the bouncer, slashing at him wildly. The bouncer backed away from the attacker, and attempted to use his telescoping baton to defend himself. When that failed (the bouncer has multiple wounds from the attack), he pulled a 9 MM Glock 26 pistol and fired, stopping the attack.

Police were called, and when they arrived, they listened to the numerous witnesses who backed up the bouncer’s story. The bouncer was taken into custody (as is normal procedure – it does NOT mean you are charged with a crime), and, after talking with homicide detectives, was released – with no recommendation for filing charges.

Several of the cops even called the incident a “good shoot” (meaning that, in their view, it looked like legitimate self defense).

Now that you know the facts, you would probably see this as a relatively simple case, at least so far. Right?

Yet in spite of the fact that all of the above information was available to ANYONE who cared to spend 10 minutes interviewing witnesses, let’s look at how this incident was  portrayed by the ultra-liberal Minnespolis StarTribune:

ID released of man slain outside NE. Mpls. bar

Tirso Cruz Gomez, 24, or Minneapolis, was gunned down early Sunday outside Grumpy’s, a popular neighborhood bar

By PAUL WALSH, Star Tribune – July 12, 2010 – 7:46 AM

A man who was fatally shot outside a northeast Minneapolis bar was identified early Monday.Tirso Cruz Gomez, 24, of Minneapolis, was gunned down early Sunday outside Grumpy’s, a popular neighborhood bar in the 2200 block of 4th St., according to the Hennepin County medical examiner’s office.

Police found Gomez dead in the street when police arrived about 1 a.m. One person was arrested in that case but later released. Police spokesman Sgt. Bill Palmer said the county attorney could file charges this week.

Note that, from the start, using the words “slain” and “gunned down” (twice) seems just a bit, well, premature at least – and given that the man was actually an assailant trying to kill someone, and was observed by any number of eye witnesses, makes the Tribune’s mis-reporting even more egregious.

The “other” Twin Cities paper, the Pioneer Press, did no better:

2 dead in unrelated Minneapolis shootings

24-year-old shot at Northeast bar; witness says bouncer confessed on scene

By Nick Ferraro – 07/11/2010 10:56:34 PM CDT

Marna Gomez pleaded with her son not to leave their Columbia Heights home and return to a Northeast Minneapolis bar that earlier had refused to serve him.

Tirso Gomez Jr. left anyway, and early Sunday the 24-year-old was shot dead outside Grumpy’s Bar and Grill, his mother said.

“I just asked him to please don’t go,” his mother said. “I screamed down the street, ‘Don’t go!’ ”

A woman who witnessed the aftermath of the shooting said she saw a bouncer tell police he was the shooter.

The fatal shooting was the second of the night in Minneapolis, which has had a spate of homicides this year.

Minneapolis police spokesman Sgt. William Palmer offered few details about either shooting or what led to them. They are not related, he said.

Palmer said a man, whom he declined to identify, was “detained for questioning” outside Grumpy’s — a block east of University Avenue at 2200 Fourth St. N.E. The man, who is considered a suspect, has been released, Palmer said.

The case will be forwarded to the Hennepin County attorney’s office for possible charges, Palmer said.

The witness, who lives near Grumpy’s, said she heard two gunshots just before 1 a.m., peered from her back yard and saw a man she believes is a bouncer at the bar standing over the victim. She said the man was wearing a black T-shirt with “Security” written in white letters on the back.

The Pioneer Press article then went on with even more sappy sentiment, talking to acquaintances of the attacker about what a good boy he was, and how “he’s been an all-around helper for his uncle” – in other words, trying to turn the knife-wielding assailant into a saint. Now, a reasonable person might be tempted to ask, if the “reporters” at the Pioneer Press were able to find every friend, relative, and excuse-maker for the attacker, doesn’t it seem just a bit odd that these same reporters could not find ONE WITNESS to the attack?But sadly, and disgustingly, this is the state of the media when a story has anything at all to do with guns – nothing, but NOTHING, must be printed that goes counter to the media’s view that “guns are bad.”  And a case like this one, where a gun was actually used to save a man’s life, is especially threatening to their world view – so it must be eradicated, and failing that, making sure that the facts are buried under anti-gun propaganda.

And that, when it comes to guns, the Truth will never see the light of day.
John Caile