It has become a predictable election year ploy – Democrats trotting out their usual litany of bogus issues and emotion-laden personal attacks on conservatives. And especially this year, after they have created staggering deficits, debt, and unemployment, Democrats have little left other than to instigate racial discord and class envy.

From falsely accusing the Tea Party movement of racism (while ignoring the genuine racism of the New Black Panther Party), to using a mammoth increase in Unemployment Benefits to paint Republicans as “heartless” and “uncaring,” the Democrat propaganda machine is revved up and running on all 8 (ethanol burning?) cylinders.

There is, of course, no truth to either of the charges, but in their quest to turn Americans into government-dependent socialists, the truth is viewed by today’s Democrats as little more than “acceptable collateral damage.”

Thus we have President Obama, whose reckless spending policies have put millions out of work, now blaming Republicans for not passing yet another extension of unemployment benefits. And naturally, he is spouting the same tired old rhetoric about how Republicans “only want to give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans” – while only he and his fellow Democrats will “save” you, the “little guy,” from the wolf at the door.

Never mind that it is those “rich guys” who not only create the lion’s share of the jobs you need, but they also pay an outrageously disproportionate share of the nation’s taxes. Meanwhile, most of the people who pay only a tiny pittance by comparison are the very same people who fall prey to the class envy propaganda. Because for decades now, Democrats have sold them on the idea that they are “entitled” to a certain standard of living. And it is those “rich guys” who owe it to you.

But getting Americans, who are by nature fair minded and hard working, to go along with financially raping and pillaging the people who actually produce most of the wealth that makes America the richest nation on earth, poses a problem. And more and more Americans realize that “the rich” pay 10 times more than the average taxpayer (and far more than the bottom half of wage earners, who pay virtually no taxes at all).

So Democrats had to come up with an ingenious distortion of language to hoodwink the public into seeing the successful as those “rich” guys who get all the “breaks” – thus, instead of calling a tax cut a…well, tax cut, they now call it, voila! – a tax “expenditure.”

Wait a minute. We all understand the difference between “revenue” and “expenditure” – government takes the money it collects from taxpayers (revenues) and then turns around and spends it (expenditures) on everything from the military, to Social Security and Education, to a million (literally) other government programs.

But that’s the real world. Here’s how it works in the world of the Marxist ideologue. If last year I stole 40% of your income and this year I only steal 30%, I did not simply take less of your money – oh, no, I had an increased “expenditure” of 10% that was “paid” to you (one of those “rich guys”). Because in the insane mind of the socialist, your money isn’t yours at all, it belongs to the government – therefore, if I cut your taxes, I didn’t simply take less of your money, I “gave” you more of the government’s money.

You would think that this should send most sane people into fits of rage, but when repeated (as it is) over and over again, it begins to take on a life of its own, just as all “big lies” do. And predictably, you now hear the phrase “tax expenditure” uttered by the Democrat-friendly media in interviews and on Left leaning “news” shows like “Meet the Press.”

Besides, the cold hard truth often has little emotional appeal – who wants to face the fact that they have no one to blame for their state in life other than themselves? So much easier to have a villain to demonize. And Democrats are only too happy to supply you with one – people more successful than you.

So when Obama announces that it is Republicans who are keeping the downtrodden and unemployed from getting the “help” that they “desperately need” the average person is primed to accept it. The truth is, with a Democrat majority in Congress, Obama could ram through any such measure without a single Republican vote.

But all this is beside the point. The reality is that the solution to unemployment is not another government check – the answer is to create more JOBS, and that means private sector jobs, not more government bureaucrats.  And you create private sector jobs by CUTTING TAX RATES, on businesses and individuals (and yes, that especially includes “the rich”) not by borrowing yet more money to pass out an endless stream of government checks – not just for a few months, but for years (the current proposal extends payments out to 99 weeks – but what happens when that runs out? 120 weeks? 200? Forever?).

Unfortunately, while their policies have LOST over 2.5 million private sector jobs, Obama and the Democrats have only succeeded in adding 500,000 GOVERNMENT jobs. In other words, Obama and Democrats put millions out of work, and now want to put these same people on the government dole. Funny how this fundamental fact gets lost in the coverage by the mainstream media.

But hey, take your check (courtesy of your fellow taxpayers who are actually working), sit back in the Lazy-Boy, pop open a beer, and enjoy! And don’t forget to vote for your favorite Democrat – gotta keep those checks coming, ya know…

John Caile