It’s now about 90 days until the 2012 Election, and the “Chicago Way” is already being employed by campaign Obama. Harry Reid’s scurrilous insinuation that Mitt Romney paid no taxes is just the latest example:

And make no mistake, the Obama administration is secretly chortling with glee at “Dirty Harry” and his vile attacks. As for Harry, he is delighted with his role of Democrat “bad boy” – after all, since he is not going to be running again, he is free to say just about anything he wants, and the truth be damned.

Then there is the utterly tasteless (and false) TV ad featuring a pathetic supposed “victim” of Bain Capital who tries to blame Mitt Romney for the death of his wife:

Do these people have no shame? The answer, sadly, is a resounding “NO” – I grew up in Chicago, and my family was always involved in politics, so I am more than a little familiar with the Chicago view that politics is a street fight. We always understood the old saying that “you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight” – you play to win, and rules are for losers. No one remembers which guy “played fair” – they only remember who won.

Barak Obama’s entire career in politics has been the result of following this principle. In Obama’s 1996 race for the Illinois State Senate, his campaign, led by former-Mayor-Richard-Daley-connected political adviser (and current Obama attack dog) David Axelrod, summoned a small army of attorneys to challenge the ballot petitions of his opponents, ensuring that Obama would be the only Democrat on the ballot.

In his 2004 race for the U.S. Senate, Obama again employed even more despicable tactics against his opponents, both in the primary, and in the general election. In the Democratic primary, veteran political writer Bob Wenzel saw firsthand how Obama was more than willing to use any weapon available, even against a fellow Democrat:

“In the Democratic primary he ran against a very wealthy stock trader, Blair Hull. Hull was unskilled as a politician, but he had big money (his own) to compete against Obama. He had the support of Chicago’s Gold Coast behind him and I attended one event where Billie Jean King endorsed him.

He was well ahead in the polls, when his sealed divorce papers were leaked to the press. During the divorce, his then-wife accused him of hitting her. Now, the one thing you could say about Hull was that he was a meek guy. You never really know what goes on behind closed doors, but my bet would have been that his ex was the one doing the smacking around, rather than him.

That said, as we all know all kinds of accusations can fly in a divorce, especially when hundreds of millions of dollars were at stake. But the press road this ‘beating’ story, and the unskilled Hull plummeted in the polls and Obama won the Democratic primary by a huge margin.”

Then, in the General election against the popular Republican Jack Ryan, Obama again employed a particularly nasty maneuver:

“Ryan’s divorce records and child custody files were released. In the custody files, his then-wife, the actress Jeri Ryan, alleged that Jack Ryan had asked her to perform sexual acts with him in public in sex clubs in New York, New Orleans, and Paris. Jeri Ryan described one as ‘a bizarre club with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling'”

Days after the revelations, Ryan withdrew from the race. Republicans scurried to find a candidate to stand in, and ended up with the eloquent, but ineffective Alan Keyes. The result? “Obama coasted into the Senate seat, receiving 73% of the votes.” Including, no doubt, an untold number of ballots cast by “residents” of local cemeteries, another long running Chicago Democrat tradition.

Obama went on to employ similar attack dog smears against fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton and then John McCain. Always the consummate political con man, Obama hides from his responsibility by “outsourcing” his dirty work to his surrogates, especially the media – the vile evisceration by the press of Sarah Palin should serve as a perfect example.

With a floundering economy and staggering spending and debt as his only legacy, Obama has little to run on that’s positive. Even his “signature” healthcare initiative is opposed by most Americans. So, from “class warfare” to “Republicans hate women, kids and old people,” the closer we get to the election the more you will see a virtual tsunami of nasty, negative, and vicious personal attacks on conservatives and Republicans in general, and Mitt Romney in particular.

And now that Paul Ryan has been picked as Romney’s V.P. the Democrats are downright scared to death – even the ultra-Left-wing “Onion” gets it mostly right:,29160/?ref=auto

Ryan’s economic savvy and formidable communications skills will force Democrats into discussions of substance and numbers – something that they desperately fear. Their only hope is to sling as much mud as possible, hoping to distract voters.

So get ready, because you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…