No, I’m not talking about Sport Utility Vehicles…I’m talking about Stupid Uninformed Voters. And if you have any doubts that appealing to this segment of the population IS a big part of the Democrat strategy in 2012, you need only look at the numerous video interviews of those who voted for Obama in 2008, as well as the more recent (and downright hilarious) examples circulating on YouTube today. Here is one of a particularly pathetic female Obama supporter:

And it doesn’t stop there – even more disturbing is the utter lack of awareness so masterfully illustrated by radio “shock jock” Howard Stern’s producer recently interviewing a number of Obama supporters. Their ignorance of current events and politics is simply mind-blowing:

But wait! There’s more! The next clip (see below) involves a series of political questions posed to Obama supporters, most of which a 6th grader should be able to answer correctly: syFwc

Naturally, the Obama sycophants will cry “Foul!” whenever such inconvenient realities are exposed, not to mention shouting their usual charge of “racism!”(Never mind that the Democrats interviewed in the above clip clearly cut across all demographics of age, race and sex).

But the one question that Obama’s left-wing media sycophants refuse to raise is this: Where are the equivalent videos of conservative voters? Surely they would just love to be able to trot out a video of equally clueless supporters of Mitt Romney.

After all, simple statistical reality would suggest that you must be able to find at least a couple of examples of really stupid quotes from conservative voters. And it can’t be for wont of trying -you’d have to believe they have certainly made every effort to find them. But where are they?

The answer, of course, is that while there must be stupid and uninformed voters who wind up voting Republican, they are not the norm. Meanwhile, it is simply an unavoidable reality that the segment of the electorate that votes Democrat today really IS made up of disproportionately large numbers of people who are either genuinely stupid, uninformed, or in many cases, both.

And we haven’t even talked about the parade of dim bulbs who regularly appear on Jay Leno’s “on the street” interviews. Clueless in the extreme…and almost without exception, they are Obama supporters.

But the real question is whether or not there are sufficient numbers of these “Obamabots” to put the current president back in office.  If there are, and too many malcontents (the Ron Paul acolytes come to mind) throw a temper tantrum and stay home, then the country is in serious trouble indeed…

John Caile – Minneapolis, Minnesota

10/01/2012 – update:

A number of those making comments seem to be missing the point. I am not saying that someone is stupid simply because they voted for Obama – if you are a committed Socialist, and that’s why you voted for him, then you are arguably wrong, but not necessarily stupid. What I am pointing out is that people who are verifiably stupid and/or uninformed (by virtue of their own words) so often turn out to be Obama supporters. The question is why?