First we had Obama’s “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal, in which hundreds of Mexicans (as well as American border agents) DIED, then Bengazi, in which American diplomats and security personnel DIED. Now we find out that the IRS is acting like the Secret Police. We have wiretaps of Associated Press reporters. And as if all that weren’t enough, it now appears that the EPA may be engaging in the same sort of governmental mischief, targeting conservative corporations while ignoring violations made by “green” companies.

If Obama were a white Republican, there would already be talk of impeachment, and the press would be cheer-leading it. Instead we have some of the most serious abuses of power in the history of the presidency, and the liberal media does everything in their power to ignore the problem, minimize the problem, then, when they can no longer do either, they simply spin the issue to hide the glaring reality of Obama’s responsibility. “It was low-level underlings who did it!”

But the real question is: What will it take for a majority of Americans to see that the Obama Administration is the most corrupt in modern history? More importantly, will they actually get mad enough to DO anything about it?