The State of the Union Under President Barrack Obama

By Clay Myers

Friday, September 7, 2012

This is in response to a question asked to my 15 year old son about what negative impact any politician has had on our economy in class and then the teacher would not give him a chance to answer because he blamed President Obama.  First I would like to make the comment that most teachers in the public school system have a hard time taking criticism when it comes to President Barrack Obama.  I understand this because many teachers feel like the Republican Party is “anti-education.”  This, however, is truly not the case.  What the teacher’s union and most teachers in the public school systems do not understand is that the Republican or Conservative Party is not “anti-education,” but they wish to follow the Constitution of the United States which leaves education to the states, where it belongs.  If the United States federal government did not take so much money from the states, the tax revenue generated by the states would be more than enough to fund educational programs.


My response to the question stems from a thorough understanding of what our founding fathers envisioned about the country when it comes to education.  The federal government does play a large part in education, however it has done so due to the federal government overstepping it’s boundaries into the public school system.  All across the country the federal government has pushed it’s way into many state programs promising more and more money and in return they want state educational platforms to deviate and in return they will receive more federal funding.  However, the reality is that in so doing it has taken the incentive away from teachers to perform in the most powerful way possible.  The goal obviously is to make better teachers, which as a consequence will make better students.  The teachers union has ruined this.  It has given the teachers the ability to be mediocre and a pathway for them to not be fully responsible for their progress.  Please understand that I am in no way including every teacher.  There are many teachers that strive every day to be the best they can be and they do not need a union to protect them.  All that does is put undue influence on the teachers and the school system that takes the competitive edge away from what teachers should be doing.  The federal government, however, has made it much easier for substandard teachers to continue on in their careers feeling that it is acceptable to teach in the realm of mediocrity; something our founding fathers never envisioned.


President Obama and his current administration is much more concerned about what the school serves for lunch than what we learn.  This is a travesty to our country and educational system.  This also effects much more than just the education of people.  This system of teaching is bringing children up to believe that it is okay to just get by.  Friendly competitiveness has been removed not just from school programs; but it is evident with youth sports where scores are not kept so that there are no winners or losers. Many of our parents want more for our education.  Our parents want us to excel beyond the norm that is being perpetuated in our school systems.   For example, anytime students say something that is at odds with what the President says, students receive in response a roll of the eyes like they do not understand what is really happening in the world.


To your question about how well President Obama has done for the country during his first term, just by looking at the facts, it is obvious that the youth of our country is blindly supposed to believe everything the President does is correct and as students we are supposed to back him no matter what.  This is a fallacious line of thought and one that our fore fathers would find appalling.

In John Adams essay “Liberty and Knowledge,” he made it clear that it is not only and honor, but it is our duty to educate ourselves and to weigh the evidence using practical and logical means to come to an understanding of what is right and what is wrong with our country.  You see, education is the vehicle that takes us to the place where we are able to make correct decisions based on facts.  Students that matriculate in our school systems are not supposed to take adults at face value just because they are older or because they have read more books or have more degrees.  There are many books available that teach things that are in direct conflict with the direction the country should be moving.


As parents, we want you to know that we respect the office of the Presidency more than anything in this great country of ours, but it is imperative to look at the facts of President Obama’s first term and come to some very factual conclusions keeping in mind that while the office of the Presidency transcends the people; we must remember that the President himself is just a man with his own ideals and beliefs that he is trying to further for his own success and legacy all the while he is supposed to be serving the citizenry of our great land.


As parents and citizens we would now invite your attention to why we feel that President Obama is failing us as a President and why it is crystal clear that he has had a direct negative influence on the state of our glorious Union.


No one in his or her right mind can dispute the fact that President Obama inherited an economic crisis.  But a few facts that he himself stated will clear up the problems that he has.  After he took office, he had to take action quickly so he wrote a bill along with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  This bill was called the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.  This was his 780 billion dollar bailout that was otherwise know as the “job’s bill.”  He stated that by late 2012 if the government did nothing the unemployment rate would fall to only 6%.  By passing the bill he ensured the American people that unemployment would fall to 5.5%.  Well, three and a half years later the unemployment rate is still looming above 8% and there are over 23 million people either out of work, under employed or have stop looking for work.  This obviously was a failure and at some point he has to stop blaming the previous Bush administration.  Every President over the past fifty years that has inherited a recession was able to reverse its course between two to four years; this included President Ronald Reagan who inherited an economy similar to the recession that we are now facing. This is something President Obama has been unable to do.


President Obama and the Democratic Party is also touting that he alone saved the automotive industry.  This government takeover of General Motors was not about saving the auto industry.  General Motors filing chapter eleven bankruptcy could have accomplished this; so they could restructure and reorganize all of the contracts with the United Auto Workers Union.  In fact, if this would have happened, the UAW could have been removed which is exactly what needed to happen.  However, the UAW was instrumental in getting President Obama elected so he had to protect them.  By instituting a government bailout, it took General Motors ability to file for Chapter eleven away so that the UAW could be saved.  Both American Airlines and Delta filed for chapter eleven and they are fine.  We needed unions to protect the workers during the industrial revolution, but we are no longer an industrious country.  We have outsourced all of our jobs overseas because of NAFTA, which President Clinton signed into law during his Presidency.  The United States is now a service driven country.  Somewhere along the way people forgot that the last two years of the Bush Administration was controlled by Democrats in both the House and the Senate making it impossible for President Bush to do anything.


While most Republicans and Independents did not agree with President Bush going to war with Iraq, he did keep us safe from further terrorist attacks and also after the 9/11 attacks had the highest approval ratings of any President in modern times.


President Obama is running out of excuses.  During his first two years in office he had full reign to do exactly what he wanted.  Obama along with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi crammed Obamacare down the throats of the American people.  The polls still indicate that the majority of America does not agree with the healthcare mandate that was pushed on the American people.  This mandate is not the only problem.  The laws implemented in Obamacare are far more reaching than just healthcare.  It affects interstate commerce as a whole.  What the current administration does not understand (or care) is that America does not need to raise taxes on the top one percent.  By doing so all that will take place is that more and more corporations will set up businesses overseas or go out of business all together.  The country does not need more tax hikes, it needs more tax payers.  The only way this can happen is to lighten up on the corporations so they are able to expand which will in turn create more jobs.  The end result will be more taxpayers.  That’s how American can fix the middle class.  They need to be put back to work.  Middle class Americans will not mind paying taxes if they have jobs making enough money to pay them.  If the Obama administration raises taxes on the rich we will have less rich people and more middle class descending into poverty.


The other major problem President Obama has created is a foreign policy that has alienated the U.S. from all of our allies and has further driven a wedge between the enemies of our state.  This all started with his apology tour he took shortly after taking office.  People think the Cold War ended after President Reagan left office.  It seemed it was indeed over during the Clinton years.  But if you look at our current foreign policy it is evident that the Cold War has not only started up again, but that it is in much worse shape than before.  Because of all the money we borrowed from China; North Korea, Syria, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela are all working towards bringing down the Great American Experiment.  Hugo Chavez has been allowing Russia to implement naval exercises off the coast of South America for over three years and now Iran is enriching uranium as fast a possible.  They say this is for “peaceful purposes,’ but there is not much difference in enriching uranium for nuclear power plants and making atomic weapons.  Many feel that it is unfair and hypocritical for the United States to tell other countries that they cannot have nuclear weapons, but the fact remains that we have always designed atomic weapons as a deterrent against foreign oppressors.  Yes, we are the only country to actually use atomic weapons on another country, but that was to end the deadliest war in the history of mankind.  The U.S. has atomic weapons as a deterrent and have no desire to ever use them again.  We cannot allow Iran to become a nuclear state.  As soon as they are able to create a nuclear warhead they will use it on Israel…our only ally in the Middle East.  The reality is that we are back in a cold war; one much worse than before.  This is because terrorist are vying for this technology and between China, Russia, Pakistan (our so-called allies), North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, and Syria, they are quietly backing us into a corner.  It is time for our current President to quit ignoring what is happening and to make every effort to assure that this will not occur.  Although President Obama has stated that the U.S. is just another seat at the United Nations, this is not true.  We are the most powerful country in the world and it is time that we started acting like it.  War should be a last resort.  War has claimed the lives of millions of innocent people, not to mention hundreds of thousands of our men and women in uniform who whether through the draft involuntarily or out of patriotism volunteered to keep our country safe and secure against those who wish to harm us, the bottom line is that we are the greatest country in the history of the world.  This is because we have a Constitution that allows us to take the freedom and innovation to be whatever we wish to be.  This does not make us better human beings or better than everyone else; it simply has given us the ability to use the innovation granted to us by the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution to make this country the best place to live and flourish.  If we continue to allow President Obama to remove these rights from us, we will end up like every other socialist country or dictatorship; to curtail our God-given talents and push us back to the stone ages.  We must decide what is better for America:  Do we give our hard-earned money to the federal government for them to decide what to do with our money or do we decide for ourselves what is the best course of action for the money that we make through tireless labor.  The question and answer is quite simple.


Please do not take this as me being disrespectful.  Teaching is an honorable career.  But there is too much bias in our schools putting President Obama on a pedestal and in light of the fact that he has created more debt in just three and a half years than all his predecessors since the beginning of the office of the presidency we need to be realistic about the state of our country.  We are on life support and until we address the useless spending and growth of government, which is just a drain on the citizens of America, we will never address the true solution.  Huge cuts need to be made to the federal government.  More power needs to be relinquished back to the individual states so that we can get back on track.  Please understand that while we may differ in our political views, I am deeply concerned with the state of our country.  It will only be great if the power of the Federal government will diminish and be given back to the states as the founding fathers envisioned.  President Obama did not create the economic mess that he inherited, but he has made things worse.  We need to cut taxes and give incentives for corporations to start hiring people again.  As earlier stated, not everyone can live off the government.  We need a strong private sector.  No one in the history of America has ever gotten a paycheck from a poor person.  Therefore it is imperative that our country lighten up on corporations so that banks will start loaning money again and get this economy on the right track.  Demand side economics historically have never worked.  We must rely on supply side economics.  It worked for Reagan and it worked during the Clinton administration because in 1995 when Newt Gingrich instituted the “Contract with America,” President Clinton crossed the aisle and worked with the Republicans and when he left office there was a surplus.   Our country is on life support and it is up to us to follow the example of John Adams’ essay “Liberty and Knowledge” and understands that it is up to each of us, especially in school to understand that knowledge breeds liberty. We are all born with equal rights; we are not guaranteed equal outcomes.  This will only happen if we as individuals work as hard as we can to get the best education possible, learn about credit and understand that unless we have the money to pay for things, we have no right to purchase them.  Credit is our enemy at the individual level and is the root cause for the countries problems right now.  I right this with the utmost respect for your career.  It is an honorable one.  We just need more teachers to teach with the facts as unbiased as possible.  The main thing that upsets Americans about President Obama and the way the media treats him is that every time someone does not agree with him, they are called racists.  Truth be told, most Republicans would vote for Condoleezza Rice in a second.  She understand what it’s like to grow up in a society where real racism existed yet she went on to become the director of the National Security Agency and then to become the first female African-American Secretary of State.  She would have done a great job.  Gender or race has nothing to do with the opinions of so many on  who should run this country.  We need to make our decisions based on the truthfulness of the candidates and those who best represent the Constitution of the United States, which is what we should measure everything.  This document has just as much relevance today as the time it was written.