In central Virginia, we are subjected to ads from Wayne Powell (D-Cand VA-7) and Tim Kaine (D-Cand VA senate, and former Demoncrat Party Boss)- both trying to present themselves as “reasonable guys” to appeal to the independents. They talk about saving money, protecting jobs, growing the economy. Kaine especially likes to point out that he was a missionary and worked in a smithy. Heck, they almost sound like republicans in the ads.
Why is no one running ads asking if anyone honestly believes that Tim Kaine is going to support anyone but Harry Reid for majority leader?
Or if Powell is going to not vote with Demoncrat agenda?

Who cares what they run on? Even if the “support” moderate or reasonable sounding legislation, if they vote for the democrat leadership, reasonable bills will never make it to the floor for them to vote on.

Someone needs to say it-
A vote for Tim Kaine is a vote for Harry Reid’s senate leadership.

A vote for Wayne Powell is a vote for Nancy Pelosi’s agenda.

I’m sure you could do the same thing in other close races.

What am I missing?