Have we moved to a point now where women can now have “it all” just as men have had for centuries? It seems in Sarah Palin we might have just such a person. After the “Women’s Movement” for equal rights in the 60s and 70s it was generally accepted that a woman had two paths one towards success in a career and the other a success with children and family. Many women struggled over this choice and many found no easy compromises. A woman was looked down upon by some groups no matter what road she chose. The concept of a woman being able to pull off in here life what Sarah Palin has would just have seemed implausible generations ago. The concepts of men as dual bread winners and Mr. mom’s was just not accepted. Fast forward to what we saw today in Dayton, OH, a woman governor, with 5 children who is being nominated by the Republican Party (read conservative party) and this is an act praised by those same people. Has the Republican party finally begun to realize as the Spartans did thousands of years ago that it is in fact women who bring up the next generations of “conservative” minded people. That a woman such as Sarah Palin can truly say she “walks the walk” in life and in her chosen career path. That if women of the 70s and 80s were the “new woman” we have now seen a second shift to the “new new woman”. While Michelle Obama pretends in Denver to be June Cleaver (while she is fact a new woman) the Republicans have trumped everyone by reaching out to a generation of women who want to have it all as men have had for centuries. Can anyone imagine just 20 years ago the Republican Party embracing a woman with 5 children as being able to both take care of those children and be Vice President of the United States? While the Democratic Party passes over the “new woman” in Hillary Clinton for the first time in my life the Republicans have out trumped the Democrats on the Progressive Front.