How many times can Todd Stroger smack down the taxpayers?

After his allies on the county board ensured there weren’t enough votes to override his veto of the 1% sales tax increase repeal — the county board passed an ordinance calling for a smaller, three-quarters of a cent rollback.

And once again, Todd Stroger wielded his veto pen to block tax relief.

Predictable?  Yes.  But it follows Todd’s strategy of doing whatever is necessary to protect his sales tax hike while using false warnings of doomsday to scare the taxpayers.

As usual, he expects us all to ignore the all-too-regular news headlines about the wasteful spending, patronage hires and abuse of taxpayer dollars that occurs.

Of course, there are some voters — as evidenced by those who protested in favor of the sales tax hike last week — who will buy into Todd’s nonsense.

Which is why it’s up to the rest of the taxpayers in this county — those who are hurting because of this onerous tax — need to control their destiny by doing the right thing at the polls next year.