First of all, I must thank the Romney Campaign for their hard work. They have done an excellent job promoting Mitt and rallying Americans against our failed President. However, I believe that it is time for Team Romney to take a bolder approach to this election, as I am confident they will anyway.

Look at this latest Romney ad:

Yes, it does point out Obama’s failures, and mentions that Romney has a plan for more jobs and take-home pay. That’s what politicians always say, but where’s the beef?

An ideal political ad should be able to build and solidify a clear contrast between the two candidates, and this contrast must be favourable for our candidate. Clearly, the choice in this election is one of two futures, and two very different men with very different visions and records. Team Romney must use this to its advantage. So here’s my take on an ad that Team Romney could make.

“[Pictures from the Obama economy] President Obama has had four years to fix the economy. He promised to cut the deficit in half. He gave us $5 trillion in new debt, more than any President in history. He pledged to hold unemployment below 8%. It’s been above that level for 42 months, and counting. His plan to tax, borrow, spend and regulate our way out of recession has clearly failed. Now he proposes to try it once again.

[Gov. Romney’s voice comes in, over images of him and ordinary, hardworking Americans] Unlike President Obama, I have a real plan for a stronger middle class. I will approve the Keystone Pipeline and ensure that America has access to cheap and secure energy. I will ensure that our kids have the skills they need to succeed in life. I will open new markets on terms that work for America, and ensure a level playing field for American businesses. I will get the deficit under control and get America on track to a balanced budget, by making the tough choices we need to make government simpler, smaller, and smarter. And I will champion small businesses by reining in red tape, making taxes simpler and fairer for American families, and replacing Obamacare with common-sense healthcare reforms.

My plan means 12 million more jobs, and more take-home pay for hardworking Americans, with less debt and smaller government. I believe in America, and I believe in Americans, which is why my plan will give them the freedom and opportunity they need to have a better life for themselves and their children. Let’s build America again. With the right leadership and the hard work of millions of Americans, we can do it.

I’m Mitt Romney, and I approve this message.”