Fellow Americans lets wake up and listen to what Obama is really saying,He has all of these programs to supposidly help our health care, schools,economy. But everytime he was commenting on them during the debate,what he was really saying is well we have to raise taxes, to support these programs. If he really intends not to, then where will the money come from to pay for them. I am in the lower class income bracket, I think those like Joe the plumber who work hard deserve to do with their money has they please. Second if he is voted in who honestly believes we won’t suffer from another 9/11? He is inexperianced. What has he done for the Senate? He wants the goverment to control our health care, our schools. hmmm sounds like we will become a socialist country. Do the right thing vote for John McCain! Don’t give the terroist what they want a President who will not fight fo our Country. Everyone wants to blame McCain for President Bush, however Bush is battling a demcratic run senate at the moment. One of those senators is Obama.People do your homework, the President seldom makes decisions with out the Senates approval. Again the Senate is majority is democrates.