On the issues page of my campaign web site, I make the following statement; “The world is ruled by the aggressive use of force. Appeasement never works. It didn’t work on the playground when we were kids and it doesn’t work in the real world; 9/11 proved that to all of us. It’s time that Congress holds the Administration and State Department accountable for failed policies and bad ideas.”

I firmly understand the desire for peace.  That said, it’s irresponsible for President Obama and the Whitehouse if they allow the Russians to limit our ability to defend ourselves and our ally nations in Europe.  The soon to be released revisions in US Nuclear Forces will be signed with a treaty between the US and Russia to decrease the number of nuclear warheads in each country.  Russia came out last week saying they won’t sign anything unless the treaty limits expansion of the US missile defense system.

The US has enjoyed a military technology advantage since World War Two. Even then we understood the need for a “high-low” mix of forces and weapon systems. Tanks always need to have infantry in support; aircraft carriers need a battle group to protect the flattops, the P-47 Thunderbolt started out as a fighter and turned into a fighter bomber with the introduction of the vastly superior P-51 Mustang. The current F16-F15 fourth generation fighter combination our Air Force employs and most recently the F22 and soon to be introduced F35 are more examples of the high-low mix of capabilities. The Obama Administrations stopping of the F22 program is at best troublesome and at its worst; it’s giving up our long term technological advantage in the battle space.

The treaties with the Russians limit our greatest advantage, the ability to deliver precision strikes from the other side of the world, not just with nuclear weapons, but also with conventional ones, by limiting our long range strike capabilities to a small number of deployed weapons. Thus taking away our ability to strike anywhere and anytime with precision on specific targets, think Osama Bin Laden in the open for just a few minutes and you will understand the need for such capabilities.

What is even more disturbing about US foreign policy right now is the fact that we are negotiating nuclear proliferation while Iran is more than ready to start producing nuclear weapons.  Their Qom facility for enriching uranium has been observed as “too small for nonmilitary uranium enrichment.”

We live in a dangerous world.  While I support renegotiating the START treaty with Russia I am not for giving up our power to defend ourselves and our allies overseas.  We need strong leadership that will position the US in a way we can fully defend ourselves from any coming threats.  Iran and North Korea both pose a significant threat to the US, our allies and even the world.  While we have yet to see all the details of this treaty, we as American’s should demand that President Obama sets the US up for success with our foreign policy.


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